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Manifest The Future! New Anthology Features Inspirational Stories from 17 International Best-Selling Authors

Press Release: October 08, 2020

Dallas, Texas – Author and publisher Viki Winterton has now released her latest compilation anthology, Be Love: A Conscious Shift to Birthing the Future. Featuring 17 international best-selling authors who each have their own nuggets of wisdom to share with the world, Viki has created a magnum opus with this new anthology. Offering distinctive insight on how to cope and thrive in the world as we know it currently, while also sharing personal anecdotes of strength and resilience, all the co-authors collectively aim to spread the message of love and manifest their wisdom into shaping the future.

Be Love compiles a highly diverse group of authors and brings into fruition an immensely valuable to me of knowledge, insights, and wisdom that would not have existed otherwise. Being released on International Peace Day 2020, this anthology symbolizes the vision, inspiration, and impact that the world needs going forward. Before the pandemic wreaked havoc, Viki spent a magical night in Manzanillo, Mexico with some of the most dynamic and thought-provoking authors she had ever come across during the annual EIPPY Book Awards. The groundwork for Be Love was laid that very night. Ranging from doctors and coaching facilitators to entrepreneurs, and leaders, all of these authors have their own unique perspective to share with the world. From essential teachings on self-love from Dr. Jean Marie Farish to notes on channeling brilliance by Lynda Dyer and beyond, Be Love is an endless pool of discovery.

In this new anthology, Viki has included authors who inspire her and have provided value to their readers and most importantly, authors who have shown that their work holds an important message for the world. Viki wants to make a conscious effort to manifest positivity into the future, and she wants to make insightful and intelligent people with her on this important mission.

Viki Winterton is highly proactive when it comes to leveraging literary talent from across the world and giving deserving authors a platform to share their wisdom. Founder of Expert InsightsPublishing, Viki has taken more than 1,700 authors to the bestseller milestone. Having worked with powerful individuals and Fortune 500 companies, Viki is known for her collaborative approach and her business expertise. Being a twenty-three-time #1 International best-selling author and a highly recognized publisher, Viki is always receptive to inspiration, wherever it may come from, and wants to share that inspiration with readers around the world. Viki Winterton is available for interviews.

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