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Manchester writer releases anti-inspirational planner for 2021 - The COVID diary

Press Release: November 26, 2020

The COVID Diary - the anti-inspirational planner for 2021 is available now.
Penned and published by Manchester author and hotel manager, Matt Shiells-Jones, The COVID Diary is the 2021 anti-inspirational planner; revisit 2020 week by week as countries close down and fear grips the globe; remember key moments and trends of the year and even pick up on weird things you missed. The ideal gift for weird friends!
“Are we nearly there yet?” screamed humanity as 2021 approached. Like a child desperate for a pee on a long car journey, the population of the world crossed their legs, hunkered down and hoped they could make it to the end without too much of a mess.  2020 has given us civil rights uprisings whilst simultaneously dividing society like never before, we uprooted politicians across the globe and drove social media to new extremes as millions relied on the unknown to keep them safe and guide them through the days ahead. It has been a year to forget but also a year so dominated by covid, that so much was forgotten.
The Covid Diary is an (anti?) inspirational planner for 2021 that talks through the events you know about in 2020, and also some you may have missed - we track countries entering and exiting lockdowns, first cases appearing across the world and the exponential spread of covid as it embarks on a world tour (and revival tour); the year was not all about the pandemic and this brings some of the other news you may have missed from around the globe whilst tracking the main actions of the UK and US governments as they battle internal politics, media leaks and public opinion to find a way through the year. Bring on 2021!!
The COVID Diary is published via Mybestseller.co.uk as an A4 Hardback with 130gsm internal pages (we wanted it to be a decent and usable quality at least!). Price: £15.99.
Book Website and Comtact: https://the-covid-diary.yolasite.com/
About Matt Shiells-Jones:
Husband, Hotel Manager, Adopted Mancunian and Crazy Cat Dad; nearly 40 year-old chubby gay who loves musicals (except Hamilton!).  Life is too serious to take seriously!

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