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Man Behind The Mirror launches tele-medicine platform focussed on men’s health and wellness

Press Release: April 30, 2020

Man Behind The Mirror is a new tele-medicine platform that has been established to empower men to look and feel their best.

Almost all men are sensitive about something. It could be hair loss. It could be erectile dysfunction. It could be anxiety. It could be one of an infinite number of issues that causes a creeping self-doubt.

However, even though its 2020, men still don’t discuss their concerns. Men continue to have a reluctance to problem share, preferring a ‘head in the sand’ attitude. For many men, issues such as hair loss, erectile dysfunction, or anxiety, can be often be over-bearing. Indeed, Research suggests almost 90% of men don’t seek help unless they have a serious problem.

Man Behind The Mirror is here to change that. It wants to bring men’s wellness into the 21st century; identify the issue, educate oneself, take action, and then focus on the more important things in life.

Man Behind The Mirror has teamed up with GPs and pharmacies to establish a direct-to-consumer platform to address these issues quickly and pain-free. It provides open and honest advice on the science behind medical issues and the most effective scientifically-proven treatment available for them.

Man Behind The Mirror is also very much aware that men don’t like physical appointments with GPs, doctors and pharmacists, which is why it’s online-only, digital-first. All prescription treatment can be purchased by completing a streamlined online consultation with discreet delivery to the door. Stress and hassle free.
Man Behind The Mirror was co-founded by Chris Bolland, who has spent his career in Investment Banking in London, and Matt Sweeney, who has a decade of experience in senior leadership roles within health-tech companies EMIS Group and Israeli start-up Healthy.io.

The lightbulb moment came when Chris tried to research and source treatment. He quickly ran into a cul-de-sac of misinformation and unnecessary clinical appointments. Chris explains, “Reliable and honest information just isn’t easy to find. This made me want to create a destination that took the hard work away, that made the process of education and getting treatments easy and pain free.”

One of the consequences of the lockdown has been a dramatic rise of telemedicine models globally. Within the NHS, online consultations have exploded since the lockdown as GP’s have embraced technology, with many experts predicting the lockdown will be a key turning point in how the public interact with healthcare services going forward.

Matt explains, “Millennials, and even more so with gen-z’s, are digital first and dislike unnecessary physical appointments. Nowadays, the technology exists to support complete online workflows, where people can research and decide the most appropriate treatment for them, complete an online consultation, receive a prescription and have medication delivered to their door, without having to visit a GP or pharmacy. We are that go-to, honest, reliable and seamless destination for men.”

Check out Man Behind The Mirror today at manbehindthemirror.co.uk

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