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Making the Transition from Texas Holdem to Omaha Hi-Lo

Press Release: December 03, 2009

However, its not only Texas Holdem, to win which, you need to be a master of strategies. In fact, every form of poker requires a certain skill level to be won. Among these, stands out Omaha poker.

The rules of Omaha poker are a bit different from Texas Holdem and thus you will need to learn a things before you can play this game. As a lot of people are into online poker, the knowledge about tips and tricks of the game and thus the number of mistakes made by people is less. Your aim, as player should be to recognize the mistakes being made by your opponents, no matter how small they may be, and exploit them to win their chips.

Now, it is obvious that the more the mistakes made by your opponents, the better chance you have to win. As the general knowledge of players about Omaha is relatively less than Texas Holdem, this is a better game to play in the long term. It may be easy to make the transition from Texas Holdem to Omaha, but you have to avoid overplaying your hands in this game.

In both the games, you have to choose 5 cards to make up your hand. In Texas Holdem, the dealers deals you 2 cards to start with, however in Omaha Hi-Lo, you are given 4 cards. Also, in the Hi-Lo game, you can win the game even if you dont have the best hand. This can happen if you have the worst hand. This means that if your hand is entirely made up of cards of value lower than 8; you can get at much as half of the pot.

Another thing that differentiates the two games is that in Texas Holdem, a player is free to use any number of cards from his private cards or from the table, to make up his hand. However, in Omaha poker a player is bound to use 2 cards from his pocket hands for composing his hand. This means that even if you have a straight being made up with your 4 pocket cards, you cant use all 4 of them to make up a straight hand. You can use any two of those cards and the rest must come from the table.

The transition from Texas Holdem to Omaha is easy and is worth the time and effort. If you like to play poker, then great tournaments like the WSOP are waiting for you. Such online poker tournaments are not only great fun, but also bring great rewards. The more games you know, the better it is or you. The important thing is to be clear about the rules of each game. So, if you know Texas Holdem poker, it will be a great option for you to learn Omaha Poker and increase you winnings. Play poker online on great websites like, http://www.rwsop.com for the best experience.

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