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Make your purse Recession Proof

Press Release: February 12, 2010

The Business, Investments and Ideas Seminar (BIIS) seek to share ideas on small businesses that anyone can do to create new or extra streams of income, ideas on how to save your money such that you are never affected by inflation or recession, how to pay off debt easily and most importantly, how to put all these factors together to create a future of financial freedom.

It was in the middle of recession that I left my part time job voluntarily to start up my own property search company; little did I know that my former employers will not survive the recession. I simply spotted an opportunity to make some recession money.

I then learnt how to stop spending my savings and keep my moneys value adequately and how to pay off my debts easily. I am now using my created income, well invested, and reducing debt to build freedom into my financial future.

I am offering the ideas I learnt and the ideas of other people who made money in the recession. Since these ideas worked in the recession, it will make life better either the economic recovery continues or not

Everyone can create a service that others will pay for or find a way to deliver recession-proof or in-demand products cheaper and sell their service or product in spare time. We will share ideas on businesses that can be started the same day with little or no money.

We will share great ways to hold on to money, pay off debt effortlessness and maximise each pounds building skills. That pound can work harder than anyone can for themselves. They give birth to more pounds that give birth to more pounds until you have a colony of pounds.

BIIS will hold on Wednesday 24 February at Theatre in the Mill (University of Bradford) from 5pm 8pm. Doors open and light refreshments at 4:30pm courtesy of University of Bradford Union of Students (UBU).

This event is open to anyone but there are only 100 seats available. Entry fee is donations of any amount to the UBUs Housing Project in Haiti for which they are currently raising £10,000.

To reserve your seat or for more information please call JayTee on 07984557229, Aramide on 01274233250 or search Seminar in T&A events or search BIIS on facebook.

About BIIS: BIIS is hosted by JayTee Ojo - a full-time student and the Managing Director of JaySim Properties.
JaySim Properties is a company that helps individuals, investors and organisations UK-wide to search and acquire excellent properties for very cheap in good time so saving them time, money and no future hassle from hidden terms. JayTee is also an investor and very knowledgeable in investments, property, gold and silver.

JayTee Ojo
Host, Business, Investments and Ideas Seminar

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For more information, please contact:

JayTee OjoJayTee Ojo

Tel: 0798455722907984557229

Email: jaysiminvest@live.co.ukjaysiminvest@live.co.uk

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