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Make Your Kids Drop The Gadgets: Convert Your Loft Into A Reading Nook

Press Release: October 07, 2018

High Rd Leyton, London - The younger generation today are glued to their gadgets. Babies as young as a few months old are constantly looking at screens and they become addicted to screen time long before they can even form complete sentences. While there is no harm in allowing them to use technology for entertainment once in a while, they also need a break and spend some time reading.

"Handing a kid who loves their gadget a book just won’t work, they need to be enticed to show interest." Says a north London loft conversions expert. "A great way to do this is to build a no-gadget reading nook in your home’s loft," they add. A loft alone won’t be enough, parents have to get a little creative. Here are some ideas to turn your loft into an exciting nook that encourages kids to read.

loft conversion east London experts suggest adding a few cosy and comfy chairs for kids to sit on while they read. "Sometimes they might end up falling asleep on the chairs, but at least they didn’t spend all day looking at screens." Comforts the loft design experts at Brygola.

"The main priority is to keep the children’s attention and interest. When choosing the right colour scheme, keep them in mind. Choose bright and attractive colours for the furniture and use attractive bookshelves as well. The colours will make a huge difference." The North London loft conversions professionals suggest.

"While you are choosing the best type of bookshelf colours and furniture, also pay close attention to the walls. If you aren’t opposed to the idea, get an artist to paint something magical on the walls. This will surely make the reading nook look cool and add a sense of adventure to reading time." The experts’ advice.

The placement of the books also matters when it comes to encouraging kids to read instead of play on their gadgets. "Make sure that the books that are age appropriate are within their reach. As a parent, you have to ensure the kids are safe and they don’t end up climbing up the bookcase just to reach their favourite book." Warns a company representative.

"If you too are planning to spend some time in the reading nook yourself, have a dedicated children’s shelf so that the kids can quickly grab their books without any struggle," they add with a little more encouragement.

Use the expertise of the loft conversions East London companies to create the perfect reading nook that everyone in the family can enjoy. Spend time with your kids in a gadget-free zone and read to them their favorite books. It is a great way to encourage family bonding and the love for books.

Speak with a company representative of Brygola and request for a free quote from the loft conversion specialists and get started on building a reading nook for the family. All of your ideas and requests will be incorporated into the loft conversion to ensure your vision comes to life, just as you expect.

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