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Make Your Business Efficient With an After Sales Service Management App!!

Press Release: March 25, 2020

The service industry requires a perfect domain to track operations, deploy resources, and manage customer requests efficiently. For this, an After Sales Service Management App is very important for business operations management. Service CRM presents the ideal software platform for such companies to make services more efficient, satisfactory, and resourceful.

A lot of factors make the service industry riskier to handle. Managing daily responsibilities and future requirements also make it a daunting task. Worry no more as the solution for managing such requirements is here. Service CRM has an apt solution for such requirements.

The After Sales Service Management App developed by the team will provide the ultimate platform to manage after-sales services such as annual maintenance contracts. With minimum resources, an optimum plan can be hatched for easier management. Let us take a deeper look into what this service management app can do for your business.

  • Job scheduling

This field service management software will help you deploy your resources avoiding hassles and conflicts. You can rest assured that your engineers and technicians will be properly deployed to the sites in an efficient way so that you can add multi-point addressing to the service day.

  • Route optimization

Availing this software platform will also help you connect the dots and optimize the routes of technicians deployed. In this way, a single day of service operation will become more productive and fruitful. 

  • Document sharing

An assigned technician or an engineer will also be able to take a look at the related documents such as service agreements and maintenance contracts whenever needed. In fact, raising an invoice will also become a lot easier via this app.

There is no doubt that you can add more professionalism and post-sales customer care through this application. The use of this After Sales Service Management Software will not only make it more convenient for you but also for the customers you are providing service to.

How can you make your services more efficient? This app is the answer. There are many entities involved in the service management industry. In order to reduce the odds and risks, this app can be proficiently used to track progress and increase the accuracy of handling requests. On top of it, your business will show more professionalism than the competitors and will gain more trust from the customers.

The main motive is to maintain a customer base by increasing the degree of satisfaction in every service you provide. Truth be told, it is intimidating to maintain a huge customer base. No business can afford to lose customers based on improper service. The deployment of this After Sales Service Management App will be the best bet for a brighter future of your business.

Why wait then? Contact us for further information regarding our remarkable service management software. Include it into your ERP system and make your business more efficient.


The addition of a Service Management Software platform to your after-sales service management plan is a smart step. Managing service requests and maintenance contracts will become easier.

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