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Make things 'Appen with Mobile Technology

Press Release: January 20, 2016

‘Always looking at a mobile phone’ – that’s a phrase often uttered as a negative comment on someone’s behaviour. But why? Phones and tablets are simply a window to the wider world. Are they checking their bank account before donating to a charity, or sending a birthday gift to someone they haven’t seen in a while. They might be reading ‘War and Peace’ or they could just be playing Angry Birds.

Android devices, iPhones and iPads are our portal to the world around us and mobile apps are playing a huge part in the experience. Developed to make busier lives easier to live, mobile apps are enhancing the consumer experience for companies all over the UK.

The dark days

If you were around in the 1980’s, they were years of great progress. There was a thirst for technology to work harder and faster for us, but the true explosion came in the 1990’s when Tim Berners-Lee made the Internet workable for everyone.

The World Wide Web grew exponentially, with companies far and wide getting ‘with the programme’ and launching their own sites. But is a website enough anymore? The impetus to use the site fell to the consumer - with the experience often glorified brand-heavy messaging from companies and organisations.

The desire to push the boundaries of what technology could give us provided the energy for the next step: Mobile app development.

Take your world to the consumer
Almost one billion people own a smart phone – that’s a healthy penetration rate in a world population of seven billion. Mobile design since the millennium has embraced the huge leaps forward in app technology development.

An app can help you achieve where web and email campaigns are beginning to fail in comparison. The mobile app is a much more personal experience. While consumers will probably have some of the bigger apps, like Facebook, Twitter and eBay, your cleverly developed app will sit right beside the big brands, leveraging the trust and reliability that they offer.

But, here’s the rub: apps need to do something!

Because they’re worth it…
When your consumer is accessing their apps through the intuitive technology of the iPhone or iPad, it means that they are already in possessing of some of the most cutting edge tech of our times. It also means that your app needs to work well. Not simply in an A-Z way, allowing users to access information, but in way that does the thinking for the user, to be organised the way they would do it themselves and to offer them something that they just won’t be able to get somewhere else.

Android apps development has long been on a par with the iStore, with both operating systems providing fertile recruitment ground for new prospects. From easy-to-browse, easy-to-buy online stores to the hugely successful monetisation of the gaming world, thanks to Candy Crush, apps need to work hard for to survive. Whether entertaining, informing or delighting, the most successful apps make life easier for the user. Colourful or quirky, intuitive and fluid, the app marketplace is set to grow tap by tap, app by app.

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