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Make the most of the global demand for Python programmers with Simpliv’s course

Press Release: January 04, 2019

Any IT professional is certain to have heard about the technologies that are set to change our future in the not-so-distant future: Machine Learning, deep learning, Artificial Intelligence and data science among others. Want to get into the soul of these technologies and explore ways by which it makes these technologies work? Want to make a difference around you and your world? Then, you need to get an understanding of Python. Python, in being the powerhouse of these technologies, enjoys this status for a few solid reasons:
o It is built to understand English, the language we humans speak
o Its syntax is very simple
o It is a general-purpose program whose flexibility allows it to carry out a few ordinary programming tasks on its own, leaving you to handle more important aspects of the application
o It has a rich stack of libraries into which developers can put in their own inputs from time to time and also partake from for reference
o It is very adaptable and versatile because of which it can be used for both web and desktop applications as well as many Open Source tools and frameworks, because of which it sharply reduces the cost of development
o It blends and interacts very well with other programs. Because of this, it is very well suited for AI and its vital component, namely natural language processing capabilities
o Most important of all, Python is suited for vast number of automations, making it ideal for social media platforms, which are all too prevalent in our world today.

Any wonder then that Python has been rising steadily over the past few years and that it is one of the 10 top languages in the world for 2017?
Prepare for a career in Python programming
The time to become a Python programmer is now. Why? According to The Bureau of Labor Standards (BLS), the US alone needs some 45,000 Python programmers right away. Plus, its being at the core of web development, which is expected to grow at an astounding CAGR of between 25 and 30 percent for almost another decade to come, adds another reason for its demand. Not surprisingly, a Python programmer is very well paid: you can expect to earn at anywhere between $70,000 and $120,000 in the US if you are a python programmer.
It is to prepare you for such a roaring career ahead in Python that Simpliv, a very valued video platform for online learning, is offering a Python programming certification course. This virtual classroom Python Programming Certification course will start on February 25, 2019 and will run for two consecutive weeks from Monday to Friday. Each class runs for three hours and will be held from 7 to 10 PM IST, bringing the total learning duration to 30 hours.
Simpliv understands the kind of busy schedule that programmers have. It is keeping this in mind that it has designed this Python Programming Certification course in a manner that suits them. At the end of these two weeks of learning, participants of this Python Programming Certification course will earn a certificate, by which their prospects in the job market rise.
Making Python professionals fit for the industry
This Simpliv Python Programming Certification course is all about equipping Python professionals scale up in their profession by making them suited for the industry. Keeping this in mind, this Python Programming Certification course from Simpliv comes with the most relevant, current and updated learning relating to Python programming.
You could be any of these: Programmers, Developers, Technical Leads, Business Intelligence Managers, Architects, Data Scientists, or Data Analysts, or even Freshers, and you could still qualify for this course. Simpliv sets no formal requirement of any specialized or prerequisite knowledge of the subject. It is enough if you have just some knowledge of programming. It does expect you to have one really non-negotiable quality: undying love of Python programming!
Making Python learning interesting
Simpliv believes that learning Python should be interesting, which is exactly what it has made this Python Programming Certification course. Towards making this so, it has filled the course syllabus with tons of examples. Examples, as we all know, are the easiest means to grasp a concept and help it stay in the mind. Once you complete this Python Programming Certification course, you will soon see yourself putting Python to a mix of uses that range from software web development, GUI, development, or system admin, to name just a few.
You can expect core learning in the following areas from this Python Programming Certification course from Simpliv:
• Introduction to Python
o Various datatypes in Python
o Lists
o Tuples
o Dictionaries
o Sets
• Core programming concepts
o While Loops
o For Loops
o If Else Statements
• Objects in Python
o Matrix
o Data Frames
• Visualizations in Python
o Introduction to Seaborn
o Introduction to Matplotlib
o JointPlot
o Histogram
o Stacked Histogram
o KDE Plot
o SubPlot
o ViolinPlot
o BoxPlot
• Packages in Python
o Numpy
o Matplotlib
o Pandas
o Seaborn
o Sklearn
• Matrix operations
• Dataframes
o Joins and manipulations in Dataframes
o iloc in Python
Finally, Simpliv shatters the myth that the best has to be expensive. For a course that can change the course of your career by making you a complete Python professional; it is yours at just ₹9999. This is a special price for this batch, outside of which, this course is offered at ₹16,665. If the learning offered at the course and the prospects it offers to your career are not reasons enough, this 40% discount should be!
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