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Make Business Easier And Increase Brand Awareness Through Pylon Signage

Press Release: August 24, 2016

Pylon signage is a cost-effective tool to make business easier and increase your brand awareness. Also known as pole signs or free standing signs these are large and tall structures constructed with aluminium or steel. The bottom end of the pylon sign is firmly affixed to the ground with concrete. Pylon signs are ideal for advertising a single business or a business complex housing several retail stores.

Making Business Easier:

Business signage is the cheapest but most effective form of advertising for any business. An age old form of signage is pylon signs and traditionally, it has been used to direct customers to the business. Tall signs by the roadside advertising a gas station or restaurant are such a common sight that we hardly give the structure a second thought.

But, these pylon signs are the ones that communicate your message to the passers-by creating a positive impression on them. When they see the sign, potential customers make a snap decision to walk into your store making business easier to come by. Pylon signs help advertise your business over and above (literally) your competitors.

Since pylons are strong and durable structures, they give you the benefit of effective advertising for several years. Creatively designed, illuminated pylon signs promote your business 24/7 which is great to improve your bottom line.

Increase Brand Awareness through Custom Signage Solutions:

A brand name and logo displayed on an illuminated 3D Lettering Signage will not only advertise the business but also make it easily recognisable from a distance. They can be single or double-sided, effectively conveying your message to a larger audience, creating an impression that is not easily forgotten. Pylon signs increase brand awareness thus making your business easily identifiable leading to more sales and profits.

Sydney City Signs manufactures custom designed pylon signage that helps attract pedestrian traffic to your business. Generally fabricated from top quality aluminium or steel, pylon signs can be customised to match your business requirements in terms of colour, size and appearance. You can choose from full colour displays with high resolution graphics, or vinyl lettering, or even digital displays to convey a changing message.

Pylon signs can be designed to complement your building structure or your corporate identity or your products. The technicians from Sydney City Signs also provide after sales service like maintenance of the signage structure, changing the lamps, etc.

Pylon signage is a worthwhile investment for any business. Don't miss out on its benefits -it attracts new customers and serves as a reminder for past customers. If you don't have a pylon sign displaying your brand and logo yet, get one installed from experts like Sydney City Signs. Visit http://www.sydneycitysigns.com.au today for a quote and other related information.

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