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MAK TAX Now Offers Tax Services For Uber-Drivers Doing Their Taxes

Press Release: October 23, 2020

Scarborough, ON, Oct 23, 2020 -- MAK TAX & Accounting Services now offers uber tax services that can help with the income tax like documenting HST and other taxes. They have begun this service intending to help Uber-drivers with the complex filing procedure. Uber tax is a bit different concept from doing normal taxes, and this has become a concern with the Uber drivers. This is mostly because they need to document the Uber HST file for income tax as well as HST (a tax implemented on all the business owners that earn more than $30,000 yearly). MAK TAX and Accounting Services have come forward to help such people with the complicated procedure of taxes by offering their experienced services and expert ideas.

Uber drivers need to register for the Uber HST file in most of the provinces of Canada including Ontario as they are not considered as employees but individual contractors offering their services. This is why income taxes are not deducted from their fare by the Uber company. This is also the reason why they need to file taxes on their own including HST if their annual bill is more than $30,000 across all their income sources.

Doing taxes with various concepts and ideas can be a troublesome task, especially when your salary is fluctuating across different mediums. Moreover, while documenting the Uber HST filing, you can also apply for the deductions regarding all the business-related expenses like license fees, gas charges, and insurance. Calculating and keeping a track of all these different elements become daunting, and this is when you can approach the professional services of MAK TAX. This bookkeeping company has expertise and experience in the field of taxes and can solve your problem while also saving some bucks.

Apart from uber tax, this company also offers personal and corporate tax services, bookkeeping and accounting services, payroll services, business registration, and CRA audit representation. You can approach this company for any of the services by contacting them on the customer care number or visiting them in their branch.

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MAK TAX and Accounting Services is a bookkeeping company with more than two decades of experience in doing taxes. Based in Scarborough, Ontario, this accounting company can help clients with filing personal and corporate taxes like Uber taxes and many other accounting services. With more than 10,000 satisfied clients, this accounting firm leads the market in terms of customer satisfaction and high-quality services.

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