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Main complaints against online applications

Press Release: September 17, 2015

Online applications are increasingly popular amongst companies looking for new job candidates. And for a good reason – this way, it is much easier for HR departments to manage and monitor the whole application process. Specialized software takes care of grouping applications together for each and every advertised job, automatically sends out confirmations to the applicants and oftentimes even already sorts out unsuitable applications by scanning cover letters or resumes for pre-defined keywords. For job seekers, there is the benefit of shortening the whole application process for other available jobs at the same company by allowing registered users to forward their application with just one click. But is it really easier than the classic written or electronic application? JOBswype polled its users in the UK to find out what they dislike about online applications.

The results show four evenly voiced complaints. A fifth of the users said they felt online applications take too much time to complete. Another 26% said they experienced troubles with filling out the required online forms as they had found them too complex. It can be quite challenging indeed to rewrite all the info from the resume in a way that is fitting to the fields of the online application. The whole registration process proved to be a hassle for a quarter of the British users, while another quarter missed the interaction with a real human being and would have preferred to talk in some way directly to a recruiter.

JOBswype polled its users in July 2015.

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