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Magnetise Success with the latest book on ‘Social Magnetism’ from the ‘DR Who of Business’

Press Release: November 18, 2017

Ben Chai, a successful Global Business leader also known as the “Doctor Who of Business” has published his latest book called “Social Magnetism” and is giving ten copies away to ten lucky winners for the best answer of ‘What Social Magnetism means to them’.

Answers will be featured in all his social media and the top ten answers will also be eligible for a bonus video interview to be hosted on his educational website www.fiveyearstofinancialfreedom.com.

Ben has impacted hundreds of thousands of people worldwide in over 70 countries as an author, speaker and entertainer.

Have you ever wondered how people with a terrible product are successful while people with fantastic value-added products get nowhere? One foundational component is the connections you have. The focus of Social Magnetism is to help you create those connections whether you are trying to get a foot in the business world or whether you are already a business owner but aren’t getting the results they deserve.

Remember your success is dependent on your personality and the way in which you connect with people. Social Magnetism, provides you with practical easy to implement ways to quickly create these great connections.

The competition on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook will allow people to offer their own views on what they believe social magnetism is, and where close relationships fit into business partnerships. Ben Chai will pick ten of the best answers and they will receive a free copy of his latest book.

What does social magnetism mean to you? That is the question of the social media competition, and one that Chai explores in his book. Here he rolls back the idea of traditional networking, which he describes as “a den of jackals all foaming at the mouth to get information,” and calls for forging more meaningful relationships at the heart of business interactions.

Ben Chai has over the course of three decades, created a variety of multi-million dollar businesses across a diverse range of fields including software, media, hospitality, real estate, security and education.

He has been described by Graeme Sharp, a cyber-security specialist, as having “infectious interpersonal skills” that had a profound effect on how Sharp approached people in work.\z

Chai has held senior leadership, board and advisory roles for organisations such as Microsoft, Exxon Corporation, Shell, NATO, UBS, Natwest and more. He has also regularly appeared on the news, including the BBC.

The success of Ben Chai has been his consistent ability to attract accomplished people, amazing business minds and brilliant investors into his life. His book is an illustration of the steps he took in creating a successful career in business.

As he states in the book, Social Magnetism was written to “detail the daily strategies and techniques” to help people find success in their respective avenues. He truly is, the “Doctor Who of Business.”

You can read the first chapter of Social Magnetism completely free which is also downloadable on Kindle.

You can enter the competition via Ben Chai's Social Media Channels;
Instagram: benchaiofficial
FB: BenInsightChai
Twitter: BenInSightChai
use #SocialMagnetism

Notes to Editors

Chief editor of multiple printed and online media
Since 1998, Ben has been a well-respected writer, business broadcaster and television presenter for many of the major technology websites and magazines, producing articles, podcasts and videocasts for a variety of industries from dance to security and technology.
He is an author for five books and featured chapters in several other books.

His latest release is his book called "Social Magnetism" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTtMAPEInfU

You can benefit from Ben’s more recent exploits and insights on;
Five years to Financial Freedom (http://bit.ly/2viRTCY)
IT Portal(http://bit.ly/2vrHbJI)
Founder of Incoming thought Limited (http://www.incomingthought.com/)
Director at Global Propertunities (http://www.propertunities.co/)
Propertunities was set up to help people understand and gain from my 30 years experience in property investing.

Consultant Director at LANIX (http://www.lanix.co.uk/)
Founded in 1997, Lanix UK Limited has always had a focus on how to help customers grow their business through automation and systemisation of their business processes and protection of their digital assets.

Instagram: benchaiofficial
FB: BenInsightChai
Twitter: BenInSightChai

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