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MagicFit Shares Insights On 2020 Waist Trainer Trends

Press Release: December 15, 2019

MagicFit - The leaders in high-quality and affordable Waist Trainer Australia are back with a list of the biggest trends for 2020. Now that the year has come to an end and another decade is officially about to start in less than a month, the world of fashion is also evolving.

Although corsets were indeed from the past, it is a vintage trend that is taking over the catwalk as well as the streets, and now even the gyms. If you want to be ahead in all things fashion and trendy, here are some waist trainer trends you can start wearing before the count down to the new year starts:

Active Waist Trainers

With the new year comes a lot of new year resolutions to live a healthier and more active lifestyle. Just because you’re spending more time in the gym doesn’t mean you should continue to train your waist. In fact, more and more people are wearing High-Tech Fat Burning Latex trainers that are specifically designed for use during workouts.

The latex trainers help achieve that hourglass body shapes faster because it burns fats in hard to sculpt areas. Make sure that the next time you step inside the gym, your waist has its active trainer ready to get you in shape!

Corsets As Casual Tops

Why stop with the waist trainer Australia at the gym or during a workout? People today are dressing up their old corsets and wearing them as part of their casual look for a day or night around town. The best part of this trend is how the trainer can go from a casual day look to a sexy club attire with just a few changes.

At the end of a long day, just take off the blazer, add some makeup, and put on your dancing shoes. That corseted look is guaranteed to get you into a few clubs!

Comfort Over Chincing

Yes, there are still people who wear corsets as a way to shrink their waist size into unbelievable sizes, but that’s not always the case. In 2020, MagicFit sees that more and more customers will opt for functionality and comfort over excessive cinching. To anticipate this demand, plastic boned trainers and latex trainers are in full stock.

This is a trend perfect for those who are new to waist training and aren’t very comfortable with starting with steel boned corsets just yet.

Plus-Sized Confidence

The body positivity movement has made it possible for women of every shape and size to love their bodies. When 2020 arrives, plus-sized ladies will start to feel more confident because there are now inclusive sizes availed at MagicFit because everyone deserves to feel and look beautiful!

Waist Training For Men

Speaking of exclusivity, MagicFit is also proud to release a line of waist training products for men who want to experience chincing too. There’s no shame in wanting to look your best and if waist training is the way to go, 2020 is your year to try out the products.

Check out MagicFit Australia for the full line of the trendiest waist training products by visiting the website at https://www.magicfit.com.au/. Orders can also be placed by calling the MagicFit hotline at (02) 8889-3901. Get your trainers today and be the first in your group to start a trend.

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