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MacAndro Initiates News App Development Services

Press Release: March 22, 2021

MacAndro has come upon with an announcement that their new business model is news app development. Being a reputed mobile app development company in the industry, they are providing custom mobility solutions for diverse business across all industries. With further moving forward, they are now offering their services to media industry via news app development. 
Initially news applications are mobile applications that provides world updates to its users instantly at their fingertips. They are two types of news applications
News App for Single publisher - A single media player like BBC have their own app
News Aggregator - These apps collects news from various mediums and share in sorted manner
Advantages in News App Development
Whether you create a news aggregator app or normal news app for a single publication, you can gain several benefits. Explore some below
1. It provides enhanced user experience
2. News apps will boost up your user engagement
3. It will shine as a additional channel for revenue generation
4. Cost effective Strategy
Much more benefits are there while getting into news app development. 
Launch Your News App with the Top Player in Industry
Once after cherishing the benefits of news apps, probably you would have come to a decision to create a news app. In order to develop a successful news app, it is essential to join with an experienced one who has in depth knowledge in this sector. While considering these factors, obviously  MacAndro will be the right choice for your news & magazine app development
Our Unique Features:
MacAndro provide some unique features to make you stand out from your competitors and make your app successful.
1. Personalized Feed
2. Offline Accessibility
3. Multi-language Support
4. Payment Integration
5. Social Media Sharing

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