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M-Commerce Mobile App Development for Helping Retail Sector During COVID-19 Economic Freefall

Press Release: April 22, 2020

As the global health crisis of COVID-19 (coronavirus) continues to loom over businesses around the world, several industrial sectors are experiencing severe economic losses. Retail sector, in particular, is witnessing a significant drop in revenues as nationwide lockdowns have forcefully shut down the shopping outlets worldwide. To mitigate such drastic changes, several retail businesses are partnering with mobile app developers and leveraging the power of m-commerce.


Sankalp, one of the top mobile application development companies in the world, has embraced this opportunity and refocused its business operations. The leading mobile app developer has prioritized the development of m-commerce mobile apps, designed specifically for micro-retail outlets and local grocery stores.

Increasing Demand for M-Commerce


According to its market analysis, Sankalp predicts that more than 80% of the global retail sector is going defunct during this crisis. The organic footfall to retail stores have dropped down to 5% and consumers are not ready to enter stores while practising social distancing. In addition to this, a standstill in the logistics and transportation sector has also broken the supply chain for the retail sector. In 2020 and the years to follow, consumers are likely to consider ordering groceries online as the most feasible option.


M-commerce is a viable option for consumers who have been asked to stay at home. There is still months to go before the COVID-19 pandemic can be controlled, and over this period of time, the majority of consumers are going to be restrained to their homes. These consumers are becoming more engaged with mobile applications for meeting their daily needs and even spending their personal time.


The engagement of mobile applications has doubled in the past two months, which is a great sign on why the retail sector can leverage m-commerce apps. More than 85% of consumers around the world are active smartphone users, which is why retail shops can find a solid stream of customers via m-commerce apps.

Refocusing on M-Commerce Mobile App Development


Sankalp Computers and Systems is the world’s best mobile app developer when it comes to building m-commerce mobile applications. The company views the current scenario as an opportunity to help the plummeting retail sector. It has been actively developing m-commerce apps for retail chains as well as local stores.


In 2020, the demand for m-commerce apps is slated to increase tremendously in the retail sector. The mobile app developer is delivering dynamic m-commerce apps to its retail clientele by equipping them with features such as -


  • Faster processing and operations
  • Accurate placement of orders and restocking updates
  • Personalization of content to meet targeted consumer demands
  • Instant offline and online access, coupled with web app support
  • Integration of device features such as camera-based product identification
  • Push notifications and regular updates on inventories
  • Customized branding and designing capabilities
  • Improved productivity and reduced costs
  • Interactive application engagement


There are multiple benefits of such m-commerce apps for retail businesses in the world. As the uptake for purchasing retail products from physical stores continues to drop, retail businesses will have no other option but to set up their store in the online marketplace. These m-commerce apps will help them in -


  • Gaining bulk orders
  • Managing a variety of purchase orders through assortment features
  • Offering discounted prices on large orders
  • Changing the prices based on the availability of stocks
  • Partnering with delivery services and offering 24x7 support
  • Safeguarding the health of customers and employees


Eventually, the paradigm shift of the retail sector towards m-commerce is going to be monumental in reshaping the global economic landscape. In the next two years, Sankalp will continue to build high-quality and purposeful m-commerce apps for retail businesses. It will be integrating secure payment gateways to ensure smooth transactions. These apps will also be equipped with accurating billing and invoice generation tools, which will be very useful for retail audits.


In the near future, Sankalp will become a pioneering force that drives the transformation of the physical retail sector to an online m-commerce marketplace.


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