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LyricalGenes Receives Coverage from His Hometown to Miami

Press Release: August 21, 2020

Recently LyricalGenes (Dana Burtin) won the Best Music Video award in Miami for his video, “Royalty”. After the award win, LyricalGenes took to social media to thank John Horton and Tri-C for writing and publishing an article about the event, as well as, giving credit to the beat producer, A.N.T (Anthony Fryer), for making the beat to “Royalty”. Furthermore, LyricalGenes can now be seen on the front page of South Euclid’s Facebook page. LyricalGenes, 19 years old, is a great role model for younger children and young adults going after their ambitions. Your ambitions can be accomplished through proper persistence, patience, and possessing a self-effacing persona. With that being said, LyricalGenes’s new song, “Beautiful Mess”, embodies his professional identity with a lyric stating, “Mentally I’m older than what you lookin at perceive of me. Much older. That’s a part of my enigma that I carry round. Not a celebrity, but well respected in my town…Not even kryptonite can bring me down. Superman.” Through this line, we get an idea of the dedication and maturity level it takes to persevere and make your vision a reality. 

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