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LyricalGenes Goes For The Grammy

Press Release: May 04, 2020

LyricalGenes releases his 3rd Mixtape / EP / album called, Grammy’s, on behalf of Boyz II Business Entertainment. This particular compilation of songs shines a more positive light on Dana Burtin’s (LyricalGenes) personality. Showing an extremely versatile skill for writing and overall creativity, LyricalGenes exemplifies his precocious talents for music; thus, illustrating an influential path for other artists to follow and shine their own light while in the music industry. With Grammy’s being solely written, mixed and mastered, engineered, and released by LyricalGenes through his entertainment agency, Boyz II Business Entertainment, LyricalGenes displays why making quality music and financial control is at a higher priority for him than fame. 

From start to finish LyricalGenes tells a mood fluctuating story through every song. For example, LyricalGenes advocates for women in his song, “Alright” by putting women on a powerful pedestal. With LyricalGenes being raised by women due to an absent father, Dana Burtin (LyricalGenes) understands the adversity that women have to go through everyday in the world; therefore, he wanted to tell all women to remain strong figures in a world that can misrepresent who they are through music videos, television, and more.

Furthermore, with the Covid-19 pandemic affecting so many people we forget to appreciate the little things until they are gone. LyricalGenes created a song called, "Heroes of 2020" to remind everyone that doctors, nurses, and many more are willingly putting themselves in harm's way just to keep us safe. “Heroes of 2020” instills hope, reassurance, and appreciation for those people who are making a difference. They are the heroes.

In conclusion, Dana Burtin (LyricalGenes) ends his mixtape on a positive note with his song, “Dreams To Reality”. “Through the fog, there’s going to be one in a million dreams to reality.” This is the extremely catchy hook to LyricalGenes’ new song and video “Dreams To Reality”. The song opens up with a cameo of Kanye in 2005 winning a grammy for Best Rap Album. LyricalGenes incorporated Kanye perfectly because this illustrates LyricalGenes’s intentions in the industry. With LyricalGenes’ enormous passion for all things related to music, LyricalGenes plans to win multiple grammy awards and bring his family with him. Furthermore, LyricalGenes addresses his childhood and how he felt like an “outcast” growing up; therefore, he stands up for those who are left out or feel left out in the second verse of his song. LyricalGenes seemingly continues to protect and relate to others by any means necessary through music. With camoes from Muhammad Ali to sampled vocals like Nina Simone, LyricalGenes’s image of motivation and positivity; essentially, a relatable message for everyone to hear, is clearly publicized through this masterpiece.


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