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LyricalGenes Glow in the Dark Orange Wristbands

Press Release: May 11, 2020

LyricalGenes releases some new wristband merchandise. To promote the product, LyricalGenes created a video with a new song sneak peek that empowers one's tenacity and determination by using his made up acronym, "G.R.I.T" (Getting Rejected Into Tenacity). The wristbands are a florescent orange color with bright lettering spelling out, 'LyricalGenes' with the "LG" logo next to the name. LyricalGenes (Dana Burtin) has been teasing his new merchandise release for quite awhile leaving fans eager to purchase his items; therefore, make sure you purchase these wristbands before they sell out.

LyricalGenes teamed up with eBay to sell his items and Google to promote his product. The product is described as, "...LyricalGenes stamped orange, unisex wristband makes any night a perfect night for some LG tunes." When you purchase your LyricalGenes wristbands for $8 through LyricalGenes website, http://lyricalgenes.com/, make sure to post an image of yourself wearing your wristbands on instagram and tag LyricalGenes' account, @dj_is_1, to receive commemoration for your support for Dana Burtin's brand and agency [LyricalGenes & Boyz II Business Entertainment].

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