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LyricalGenes Advocates Power to the People "The Comeback / Revival"

Press Release: June 05, 2020

With the death of George Floyd, more people are standing up against police brutality and using their voice as a means to peacefully protest against inhumane action. LyricalGenes is helping the protesters and using his platform to raise as much awareness as possible, especially through music. Recently, LyricalGenes created and published his song, "Our Mansion" that specifically talked about George Floyd and the tyranny surrounding black people. After reviewing LyricalGenes's catalogue, a song he released in the month of April, still applies to the struggles of today. His song "The Comeback / Revival" takes a different approach to addressing inequality in the world. In his song, LyricalGenes states,

"I be teaching so much my education is my jewels
Yeah I rap, but don't let that mind game get you fooled
Like Ali in his prime
Can't let money pull a tooth
That's Jim Crow these days
Arrest you as a slave
History repeats itself
'Merica share it's a phase
You claim you a genius
But who speak out these days?
Soon as I say somethin'
They want me to shut my face
Now we back to where we started
Hashtag blessed dear departed
Watch the news in your apartment
You got billions but you watch another man down
As you standing on expensive carpet and you shrug your shoulders
I'm not dumb My third eye see everything
You get money from silence
If I go out a martyr all my songs will play as timeless
You rich, but I speak out more than you, therefore I'm worth more than you
I will not be silenced."

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