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Lynked.World Features - Blockchain based e-Voting & e-Auction, Job Portal

Press Release: July 23, 2018

Lynked.World is a blockchain based platform that provides digital identity management and verification services to individuals and organizations around the world. Apart from the fundamental identity verification service, it offers a range of distinct features and services that make it unique and better than any other similar application out there. Today, we will talk about the blockchain based e-Voting & e-Auction and Job Portal features of Lynked.World.

Blockchain-based e-Voting

Lynked.World introduces the innovation of blockchain in the complex and error-prone system of voting. The e-Voting feature allows any organisation, government, private or corporate, to conduct online voting for the public, business or personal purpose. The benefits of this feature include

• high-security in voting
• protection against tampering
• automatic vote calculation
• Can be customized for different kinds of voting scenarios
• Low cost
• High convenience, both for voters and the voting company
• No human interference
• Verified and trusted identities of voters

Blockchain-based e-Auction

e-Auction is another useful and unique feature of the Lynked.World platform. As of now, most of the auctions are conducted in physical premises, which is a costly and too inconvenient affair, both for the attendees and the organisers. A better alternative is to hold online auctions, where anyone can attend the auction and make bids, even from remote locations. Lynked.World provides a blockchain-powered platform for that. With this application, any organisation, government or private auction houses, can conduct online auctions accepting bids from their remote attendees. This is much cost-effective and very convenient for all the involved parties. The underlying blockchain maintains the security of the auction data and transactions and verifies the profiles of attendees.

Other features include easy adaptability for different kinds of auctions, low cost, verified identities, and auditable transactions.

Job Portal

Lynked.World gives you access to a trusted professional network which contains only verified profiles of thousands of individuals. This makes it a perfect Job Portal of the future. The Lynked.World job portal verifies the identity and background information of all the users before storing their data on the blockchain. These verified identities can be used by organisations for finding and choosing the best-fit employees.

The job portal feature of Lynked.World can be used by organisations for posting new job openings without seeing the help of third-party job agencies. This reduces cost and improves efficiency. The public jobs posted by companies on the platform are viewable to thousands of job seekers, who can then apply to these jobs by filling an application form. The verified profiles of individuals and companies make it easy to make the right selection.

Other features include the subscription to new job openings, job referral rewards, low cost and high results.

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