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Lymphatic Drainage Therapy Effectiveness and Protocol

Press Release: July 16, 2020

The lymphatic system is one of the most important systems of the body that works in collaboration with circulatory and help to remove excess fats, protein and toxic material from the body. If due to any reason the lymphatic system is compromised, it can lead to chronic diseases. We are a renowned service provider for Manual Lymph Drainage San Diego. Our therapist is trained to regulate the flow of fluids in your body to restore the natural mechanism of the lymphatic system.


Body lymphatic drainage San Diego involves massaging of the body in a specialized pattern to ensure the maximum result. Our professional therapist to perform this massage with great care to provide relief to the patient. Our strict protocol is followed by our therapist which always starts from a neck massage moving towards the trunk region and finally reaching to the affected area. This pathway ensures that lymph fluid starts flowing naturally and overpassing and removing the substances causing the obstruction. After this procedure, a compression bandage is applied to the patient to maintain the blood flow. Some exercises are also prescribed to the patient which aids in recovery. The compromised lymphatic system can cause various diseases and the best symptomatic treatment for such conditions is body lymphatic drainage massage San Diego. Here are few most common diseases caused by malfunctioning lymphatic disease which can be cured by this therapy.


Lyme disease is caused by a bacterial infection transmitted by the bite of an infected black tick. Initial symptoms are rash, flu, body aches, chills, and swollen lymph nodes.  If you are looking for Lyme Disease Treatment San Diego then we proudly present our lymphatic drainage therapy that is particularly useful in getting rid of the neurotoxin in the body that is released by the tick. Lyme disease hijacks the machinery of the lymphatic system, which stirs up the toxin and keeps them stored in the body.

Lymphedema is another condition caused by a compromised lymphatic system in which excessive proteins are stored in the lymphatic system. This obstruction ultimately leads to the swollen and painful affected areas. We offer the best lymphedema San Diego treatment services in the town which are very effective. If lymphedema is caused in the lower extremities it is termed as bilateral lymphedema which is even worst condition. Again, lymphatic drainage therapy can be very helpful in curing bilateral lymphedema San Diego.


We offer a range of therapies to our client including complex decongestive therapy and manual lymph drainage services coupled with our range of skincare products. We have our own range of skincare products which are very effective after the lymphatic drainage massage therapy. These serums are highly recommended for a speedy recovery from these diseases.  Other than that, we also offer aging, brightening, and detoxing skin products. If you are looking for the best lymphatic therapy, then book an appointment with us today and live a happy and peaceful life after undergoing this procedure. We take pride in serving our people for many years effectively. To know more about us, kindly visit www.lymphatictherapyservices.com

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