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LWUK : New Independent Windscreen Repair for All UK Residents

Press Release: February 08, 2016

We are proud to announce the formation of LWUK, a new, independent group of windscreen repair professionals to help provide fast, efficient and quality windshield recovery throughout the length and breadth of the UK. There has been recent negative press relating to large UK firms disappointing customers with wait times on repairs, the quality of work carried out, and general attitude towards clients. We have united scores of independent, enthusiastic and talented windscreen repair teams up and down the country to help provide an alternative – affordable, efficient and helpful service to anyone experiencing chips, cracks or other windscreen concerns. We have launched a new website to provide advice, care tips and further information on where our independent repair teams will be based, and how soon customers can expect a windscreen replacement if needed.

We feel that automobile repair as an industry receives a bad rap, and that this is unfair to the hundreds of hard-working independent professionals that operate quality services up and down the country – windscreen replacement experts who, while they may not be associated with big names, offer the same if not better quality service often for less. We have decided to seize the opportunity to work with such professionals, and in return aim to provide a cost-effective and comprehensive windscreen repair service that puts customers at the forefront of the equation, not the final bill. We aim to emphasise quality service that motorists can depend upon in times of dire need. We understand that vehicles are essential to the livelihoods of many – and this is the driving force for our bringing together of LWUK.

Our aim as an umbrella for smaller windscreen repair specialists is to offer motorists a genuine alternative to big or brand-name assistance – and that under LWUK, they can be assured of privately-managed, independent repair professionals undertaking each and every job – resulting in lower wait times, lower costs, and clearer accountability. It is our mission to create a union of genuine professionals who can provide customers in need of windscreen replacement a quick and painless process that they can rely upon and recommend to other road users.

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