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Luxury Lingerie in time for Christmas including Spanx, Myla, and Aubade at Lucileandco.com

Press Release: December 10, 2009

Women are always looking for the finest lingerie and Lucileandco.com offers just that. They carry the best brands such as Spanx, Myla, and Aubade and have a wide selection of bras, briefs, bridal accessories, hosiery, and much more - at surprisingly competitive prices for those who long to be classy, comfortable and sensual all at the same time.

There is a wonderful history behind all of this stemming from the work of the great-great grandmother of Camille Blois. Ms. Blois was so entranced by her ancestors' work and disappointed with the lack of selection of lingerie that she decided to start her own store. The store itself is located in Manchester, but, through this website, these gorgeous items are available to everyone.

Searching for the loveliest lingerie has never been easier. The site is well laid out with a fashionable design yet not in a complicated way. There are links to view the various categories such as swimwear, nightwear, lingerie, gifts, and more - all photographed and described in full to help you with your decision making.

Anyone who is looking for a gift but is not sure what to buy - there are gift vouchers available or you can have a root through the gift idea section. There is an idea for every occasion, whether Christmas, birthday, or everyday wear. If there is a specific brand that is desired such as Spanx, it can be searched for as well as other particulars such as the product itself. 

Instead of looking through all of the products only to find that they are in sizes too big or too small, a visitor can search by size, thus saving time and only looking through products in the appropriate size. It is as simple as clicking on the link and choosing the size. All of the products, whether it is from Aubade or Myla, are displayed on the screen. 

The products available from Lucile Lingerie are absolutely beautiful and made from the finest of fabrics to make them more wearable and long-lasting. For those that are not sure of their correct size, there is sizing information to ensure that the right size is ordered. There are also instructions on how to care for lingerie as well as facts addressing certain problems associated with bras. Of course, for men who want to purchase something for that special lady, there is much-needed advice included!

Lucile Lingerie accepts a number of forms of payment including Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal through their secure website payment system. 

About Us

Lucile Lingerie was inspired by Lady Duff Gordon, but it was her great-great granddaughter that created the brand. She always believed that it lingerie was an important part of the wardrobe because it can make a woman feel so special. It was because of this and the frustration she felt in trying to buy excellent quality, functional, and beautiful lingerie that persuaded her that this was indeed her call in life.

Because of this, now women have the opportunity to purchase these items and boost their confidence by feeling wonderful and sensual with great taste.

Website: http://www.lucileandco.com

Email: info@lucileandco.com

Phone: 0161 835 3286

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