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Luxury Eight, a Holistic Linen Company, Serves Good Dreams and Announces Launch of E-Shop

Press Release: August 20, 2015

Luxury Eight, a holistic linen company intent on improving sleep quality, has launched its E-Shop. The first orders, marking the line’s first commercial release of their products, are proof consumers believe sleep quality is an important piece of physical and mental health.

Luxury Eight wants to introduce mindful sleep to people you live a exciting but challenging life. “At Luxury Eight we are fans of Andy Peddicombe who popularized meditation with a simple iPhone app. We also love Dave Asprey for his insightful research on diet, and for making the most popular drug - coffee - a healthy drink.” says Agnieszka Sarnecka, co-founder of Luxury Eight. “Following this trend we want to add the third necessary point to the Triangle of Happiness: What Andy did for the way we think, and Dave for the way we eat, we’d like to do for the way we sleep.”

Pure linen has high air permeability, exhibits thermo-regulating and non-allergenic qualities. “This means it practically takes care of you while you sleep, keeping you warm in winter and cooling you down in summer,” explains the company’s other co-founder, Joanna Hostynska. “Pure linen has been also shown to promote deep and relaxing sleep because it harmonizes with human cells and actually helps repair the body. Researchers have found people fall asleep faster, sleep deeper, and wake up in a better mood after sleeping in and on pure linen.”

Luxury Eight currently manufactures pure linen sheets, duvet covers, and pillowcases for sale worldwide, along with a concierge monogram offering. Over the next year, the founders plan to expand the Luxury Eight line, continue to fund sleep research to bring customers the best possible consumer experience and popularize the concept of mindful sleep. Luxury Eight is backed by angel investor, mobile business developer and former Deloitte executive, Zoe Adamovicz. “There is a toll on the colourful life we live, there is tax our body and mind pay on the excitement of professional frenzy,” she says emphasizing the necessity of accomplishing Luxury Eight’s mission.


About Luxury Eight:
Luxury Eight, aptly branded for the eight hours of sleep needed for a mindful sleep, is the creation of Joanna Hostynska, Agnieszka Sarnecka and Charlene Walton of Poland, Germany and South Africa respectively. Luxury Eight bed linen, in white for simplicity, uses high quality pure linen woven in Belgium and offers personal monogram embroidery for intimacy feeling. The women have come together from across the globe to make good sleep more accessible to all people, because as they all say “everyone deserves good dreams”. Sleep solves everything. Enjoy a mindful eight hours of rest every night. This is Luxury Eight’s simple founding philosophy.
For more information about Luxury Eight, please visit www.luxuryeight.com and follow the company on Facebook (www.facebook.com/luxuryeight) and Twitter (www.twitter.com/luxuryeight).
To schedule an interview with co-founders Joanna Hostynska and Agnieszka Sarnecka, contact Agnieszka Sarnecka at aga@luxuryeight.com.

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