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Luxury designer brand ANNA MORGUN leaves native fashion

Press Release: December 04, 2020

Ukraine loses local brand. ANNA MORGUN representatives announced shocking news about the withdrawal of the Ukrainian brand from the local market and the termination of its activity under the Made in Ukraine marking.

Recently media ran the information that Ukraine losing a fashion brand of clothing that has been working on the local market for about 7 years. Became known that the management of the company is actively preparing the withdrawal and localization of the trademark abroad. That automatically means the end of the era of ANNA MORGUN's existence as a Ukrainian brand.

“In fact, there is nothing shocking in our decision especially taking in account the current situation, such march was quite predictable. Moreover, ANNA MORGUN's transfer abroad was the number one goal. Initially, creating a brand, I dreamed of making it foreign, because, unfortunately, even on the local market, foreign brands are valued higher than local ones. Who works in fashion industry in Ukraine I think will agree with me. At the beginning of my career, I did not have enough experience and, first of all the means to start in another country, of course Covid-19 has made its adjustments now, mostly financial too. Relocation of a trademark is costly, but we don’t hurry and are actively negotiating with potential business partners and investors, we are open to any proposals to make our cherished dream come true. ” - explained the founder of the brand Anna Morgun.

During its existence as a brand “Made in Ukraine” ANNA MORGUN has given more than 28 shows on both local and foreign catwalks.

“I think I have something to be proud of, the brand has become recognizable all over the world. Now watching the video from the show in Rome, when the Ukrainian flag appears at the end of our show this moment still makes me cry as at the first time. Also shows in Abu Dhabi, Baku, invitations to London, New York, Milan, isn't that a reason to be proud of? But alas, one cannot feed the company with pride and the conditions created at the moment in Ukraine, as well as the manner of doing business, do not contribute to the development of fashion brands. So it was decided to end the era of ANNA MORGUN as a Ukrainian brand” - the designer added.

Under the name of which country we will see the trademark in the future, representatives of ANNA MORGUN do not spread, it is known that the lines of the brand and their concepts are also waiting for changes, most likely the company will adapt to the new country of residence, but is it so the future will show it.

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