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Press Release: August 06, 2020

Luxury Construction & Design is shaping the dreams of home extensions services in the UK true for


05-08-2020, London

In another big series of events, here is a great news for all. Luxury Construction  Design has kickstarted its varied home interior services in the town. Starting from the loft conversions to bringing an extra-space in your living area, everything is covered professionally by the team. The services are one of their kind and are well known to be budget-friendly. If you are looking to find a reliable name with which you can think of starting a long-term partnership for your housing interior needs, you can go to Luxury Construction & Designs.

The services are associated to loft conversions in Stanmore, in-house extensions, new build homes and many more. You ask, and we deliver! Being a customer-centric organisation, they are our main priority. We work to make sure that every desire of there is fulfilled with perfection.

We understand how daunting it is to recreate and renovate your living place as per your needs. We hold our speciality in allowing you to go through a hassle-free process for this. If you have been to a wrong place or is tired and exhausted with the hustles of relocation due to one or the other reason, speak to our executives today. Our professional approach will help you to get your dream house key from us. You are just a decision away from your luxury home.

Here is the sneak peek of how our services can serve you:

Loft Conversions: Loft conversions in UK are the services that will make it easy for the extra space of your house to be utilized in a proper and smart way. You can think of adding some value to your non- existing space through it. Moreover, it also helps in raising your house budget to up to 20%.There are several proven benefits of Loft Conversions that makes it a premium and wise choice to go ahead with it. Starting from the energy efficiency to making a good use of your existing house space,

everything can be done systematically with the help of this process. Loft conversion once considered as a luxury process, is now a must to have process in your house. Make your London house, a perfect fit to live in with our affordable and world-class loft conversion services. To know more about it, you can anytime visit the site office and see our previous work done.

Extension services: When we say we are here to help you; we mean it from every inch of our heart. We provide different types of house extension services to make sure that you never run out of the space. It also helps you to stay in the area that you always prefer to. We offer single-storey extensions, double-storey extensions, front-house extensions, back-end extensions and side extensions for your house. Speak to us, to get it done.

New build homes: Just like any other service, we are actively offering new build homes services too. In such services, we provide newly built residential areas to support your dream of living in a great house. We are dealing with multiple residential house projects in Stanmore and are more than happy in offering you, what you are looking for.

Refurbishment Services: As we mentioned earlier, we are here to make your living happy and contended. Our services are extended from Central London to Stanmore. We are associated with the team of experts who will help in re-inventing the look of your house. Our team of consultants and expert refurbishment providers will help in making it easy for you to get ideas and start with them. You can also see our previous work to know in detail how we can help you. Get your ideas translated into reality with our skills. Considered as one of the high result driven process, the refurbishment of home can give you a chance to stand ahead of others without putting much of investment. Our cost- friendly services are addressed to give a new and premium look to every inch of your house. In any case, you are looking forward for the professional refurbishment services in London, feel free to ask us. Starting from loft renovation to allowing you go for an in-house extension; we are covering all with perfection.

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