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LUDECKE releases 2.0 version of i18n Translation Manager for SAP® Fiori

Press Release: March 19, 2021

BERLIN March 17, 2021 — LUDECKE GmbH releases a new version of its i18n Translation Manager for SAP® Fiori, its tool for translating custom-developed SAP Fiori apps. The new version of the tool adds support for Automatic Translation Scoping, which means it now enables translation of all texts visible on custom Fiori user interfaces.
i18n Translation Manager was initially released early last year, after extensive pilot implementations at the LUDECKE’s customers. It was the first translation tool developed specifically for translating SAP Fiori apps. From the start, it enabled highly automated workflows for translating custom Fiori apps and specifically focused on making the frontend texts of Fiori apps available for translation in the SAP backend system. Since half of the texts of most Fiori apps live in the SAP backend, this brought together all texts that are used by a Fiori app for the first time, enabling translators to translate all texts in the same tool.
The new version goes one step further and now analyzes which backend texts are used by a Fiori app. This saves many days of work that would otherwise have to be spent assembling a list of all texts from the SAP backend that each Fiori app shows to end-users. Users now only have to enter the names of the Fiori apps, and i18n Translation Manager will generate a scope that contains frontend and backend texts. "We are very proud of this new version", said Martin Lüdecke, the company's founder and CEO. “Thanks to its new features, of i18n Translation Manager for SAP® Fiori now is a true one-stop solution for Fiori translation.” 

LUDECKE helps SAP's customers and partners with all things SAP translation. The company supports customers that are rolling out their SAP to other countries and enables them to translate the Z transactions and SAP Fiori apps (as well as any other texts in SAP systems) into 40 languages. The company makes a number of translation tools specifically for SAP, such as i18n Translation Manager for SAP® Fiori.

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