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LTT Global Partners SSM Education Group – Organizes Inaugural Global Learning Conference 2017

Press Release: December 29, 2016

Transforming Learning Across Industries. The Global Learning Conference is brought to you by the founders of the Asia Pacific Mobile Learning & Edutainment Conference, is having its inaugural conference in February 2017. The conference is a collaboration with SSM Engineering College and Education Group and LTT Global Group's MyMobileUniversity, in association with Alagappa College of Technology (ACT), Anna University.

The Global Learning Conference will be held on 9th and 10th February at the ACT Campus, Anna University, in Chennai, India. This year's theme, 'Mobile Computing: Transforming Education, Transforming Lives,? will focus on encouraging content development for the world market, bridging the digital divide between corporates and educators, as well as understanding the importance for human capital development and promoting lifelong learning in all industries.

'As we are all aware, organizations today are facing disruptive changes in every aspect of their business. Trends that can 'change the game' of how companies attempt to compete and succeed are constantly challenging the thought process,? said Dr Mathivanan, Chairman of SSM Engineering College and Education Group. 'In today's ever-changing business and talent environment - mobile and web learning platforms are uniquely positioned to help you get out in front of these challenges and make a meaningful difference that surpasses the confines of traditional learning. It reinvents the way learning and development initiatives make an impact on employees and students?, he added.

Mr Wemel Cumavoo, co-founder and CEO of LTT Global Group and MyMobileUniversity, is a global pioneer in mobile learning. Mr Cumavoo is excited about the upcoming two day conference as it is in line with LTT Global Group's & SSM's efforts to develop and promote mobile learning infrastructure, applications, devices, and content. He added, 'the conference will focus on topics related to the new approach of learning technologies and the benefits of innovation in these industries to the people. It will be bring together, international and regional subject matter experts and practitioners to meet, discuss and share experiences as well as best practices. Additionally, the conference looks to provide a conducive environment to build networks and in the process enrich all participants, speakers, and guests on the value of lifelong learning.?

The Global Learning Conference is a must-attend for those involved in the education and training sectors. Organizations should ensure that their departments related to IT, human resources and training are in attendance as well. Mobile and lifelong learning are key to bridging the digital divide, developing an educated workforce, and preparing for a knowledge-based economy.

More information is available at the Global Learning Conference 2017 website: www.GlobalMobileComputing.com. Those wanting to participate and support the conference or for more information, please contact:

For International Delegates: Ms. Rani Wemel
COO, LTT Global & MyMobileUniversity
Telephone:+6019 207 0510
Email: founders@MyMobileUni.com | secretariat@GlobalMobileComputing.com

For India Delegates: Prof.P.Senthilkumar
HOD/ECE, SSM College of Engineering
Telephone: +91 98940 62691
Email:ssmmmu@ssmce.ac.in | secretariat@GlobalMobileComputing.com

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