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Love your dog? They’ll Love You Even More When You Get Them This!

Press Release: November 28, 2017

This is for all dog owners that want to get more out of walking, become more mobile, have more energy and ultimately become fitter.

It’s for the super mums that have too much on their hands (literally). And for the dog owners that have those excitable dogs, that just won’t stop pulling you along.

This dog lead will change both your’s and your dog’s lives.

No more holding on! This belt is handsfree, you just clip it to the belt and off you go. All the hassles of dog walking disappear. You can run with your dog more easily, pick up poop without juggling, tie your hair or shoelaces up, go to the ATM, carry your baby & push the pram or even score the winning try against the All Blacks.

The super-strong bungee lead absorbs the shock of your dog when it pulls, which ensures you both don’t feel the full force of the jerk.

The lead does have handles just in case you really need to use your upper body to win the tug of war. It can be adjusted to fit waist sizes 8-24 and is held securely in place, so it won’t slip down and trip you up.

The weatherproof zipper pockets enable you to carry your phone (and you can slip the headphones through a jack to listen to music), carry treats, poop bags and more!

The reflective strips on the belt make you visible in the dark. All bases are covered...

Bobby Turner - Director Fitpooch - “As dog lovers and advocates of staying in good health, we wanted to create a leash that provides convenience, comfort and that would ultimately inspire owners to get the most out of their dog walks...Now dog owners can save time by combining 2 activities (dog walks & workouts). Do your workout on your dog walk. Better still, do it with a friend so you both stick with it & your dog will have a walking companion too.”

Basically, all the problems you might have faced in the past when out walking have now disappeared and you can focus on picking up the dog walking intensity. This will motivate you to push yourself and your dog when on walks and to capitalise on your time together.

To find out more about the handsfree bungee dog leash visit www.fitpooches.co.uk, they’re currently offering 40% Black Labrador Friday discount, & get an extra 10% off with this secret code HOHOHO10. Any further enquiries please email woof@fitpooches.co.uk

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