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Louis Bergere Chair - Ideally Suited To A Modern Interior

Press Release: March 11, 2017

Although a classic design from the 17th century French era, the Louis Bergere Chair is ideally suited to a modern interior. Today you can find these high-backed, upholstered armchairs with wooden seat frames complementing the straight and simple lines of the modern furniture adorning many interior spaces. This timeless design for an armchair is an extremely popular choice in today's home.

The Louis Bergere Chair is an enclosed armchair having a tub-like shape. It has an upholstered back and seating, upholstered armrests on carved wooden framing. It can be seamlessly blended with the modern interiors very easily by simply using contemporary fabrics for the upholstery. Usually the Louis Bergere Chairs come with overstuffed cushions, making them very comfortable and cosy, ideal for lounging or reading.

Annandale Interiors in Sydney, Australia has a large collection of furniture items that are classic yet contemporary that will blend easily with your home d├ęcor. They have on offer the classic French reproduction of a Louis Bergere chair as well as a Louis Bergere wing chair upholstered in modern fabrics. The frame is made up of wood with padded armrests that make it a very comfortable seat. Rather than the severe lines of hardwood furniture, the Louis Bergere has flowing curvy lines that add a touch of glamour to the room.

Being made of solid, carved wooden frame, the Louis Bergere chair is a sturdy piece of furniture. It can be conveniently moved about as required and works well to combine with other seating arrangements around the house. You might want to place it in your living room or the family room as you please, provided it matches the interiors of the room. It is ideal for the reading room or library or it can simply be a cosy corner for you to put up your feet and relax.

A specially tailored cushion for the seat along with the upholstered arm rests as well as the overall shape of the chair make it a comfortable seating. The Louis Bergere chair is inspired by the French palatial Oriental Leg Coffee Table furniture of a bye-gone era. It is no wonder that it is called the King's chair.

With its classy good looks and royal elegance, the Louis Bergere chair is a must have piece of furniture for your home. Several stores offer other classic designs in furniture items, but the Louis Bergere chair certainly stands out. And, getting it from Annandale Interiors is a big plus as their prices are reasonable and you also have the after-sales service to take care of any issues that might crop up.

So if you wish to own a piece of classic Louis Bergere Chair meant for the royalty, go for the Louis Bergere chair to complement your interiors and lend a touch of elegance, visit http://www.annandaleinteriors.com.au for details and enquiries.

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