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Los Angeles City official Breon Hollie says US should take funding cautions amid global crisis

Press Release: April 20, 2020

United states push $350 billion stimulus as California politicians express concerns. 

Sacramento, California state capital 12:45pm. The economy global crisis seems to have the federal reserve issuing out more cash injections into the economy then ever before roughly three times more then the crisis in 2008. This pandemic along with it's death tolls rising worldwide has cost stock markets to crash and businesses to fail. California political figures express sufficient evidence of what can happen we the economy stays on this path. One individual who has been vocal about this is a Los Angeles city official District 8th Rep. Breon Hollie who states the collapse of the dollar as well as other national currencies could be coming very soon. Breon Hollie sits on several boards throughout the city and serve in a multitude of ways. Rep. Hollie (D) is chairman of the Workforce Development and Economic Standing Committee and overlook city projects and businesses to allocate a portion of tax funds to support economic growth in his local district. He has voiced concerns to the Senate and state lawmakers for California stating " I believe interest rates will rise rapidly causing hyperinflation to the United states dollar and therefore effectively altering our buying power. We must get a serious grip on this country's debt or we will have consequences to pay in the future " quote. Now democratic leaders are pushing new funding programs in Los Angeles taking those proposals to state assembly members in the hope of lessening a bad impact for the state. Breon Hollie is seeking support from both sides currently. 

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