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London still the most expensive for expat rent - EuroCost International worldwide ranking

Press Release: April 29, 2016

EuroCost International publishes its 2016 worldwide ranking of rents paid by expats.
This survey compares 2- and 3-bedroom flats worldwide.

Major highlights
• London Centre is still the most expensive place in the world for expats to rent a flat
• Moscow continues to fall down the ranking
• The first euro zone city is only 25th: Paris
• US cities notably progress in the ranking

Top locations of this ranking remain unchanged since last year; major changes concern the rise of US cities and the fall of all locations where expats pay their rents in euro.

For the third consecutive year, London is the most expensive place in the world for an expat to rent a flat.
Hong Kong, Tokyo and New York also keep their positions because of strong currencies and still more expensive rents.
Luanda, Angola’s capital, confirms its status of most expensive African city in spite of the strong price decreases reported on the rental market in 2015. Luanda also benefits from the strength of the dollar since expats usually pay their rents in this currency.

2016 Ranking
1 London
2 Hong Kong
3 Tokyo
4 New York
5 Luanda
6 San Francisco
7 Geneva
8 Moscow
9 Singapore
10 Juba
11 Beirut
12 Shanghai
13 Doha
14 Washington
15 Zurich
16 Sydney
17 Mumbai
18 Los Angeles
19 Abu Dhabi
20 Beijing

All details about 2016 expat rent worldwide ranking and comments by geographical area on http://www.eurocost.com/en/rent-expats-world-2016.html

About EuroCost International
EuroCost International specializes in expatriation and conducts expat cost of living surveys in more than 300 locations worldwide.
Those data are used by HR professionals to calculate their expat remuneration packages.
EuroCost International cost of living indices are updated 4 times a year (in March, June, September & December). They are based on a basket of 350 goods and services representative of the consumption habits of expatriates and can be customised to fit any company’s or organisation’s salary policy. Those indices are available on a city-to-city comparison basis.
EuroCost International also provides specific reports on rental costs, school costs, business trips or on quality of life for expats.

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