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London Life Coach: Offering Life And Career Coaching Sessions

Press Release: April 15, 2019

London Life Coach (https://londonlifecoach.co.uk) is considered by many as the best life coach London based at present. This provider conducts engaging sessions that can be conducted either one on one or with an entire management team.

This provider of life and career sessions focuses on the person involved instead of the issues or on a list of pros and cons to solve a challenging decision. By attending the sessions, one can have a clearer plan for the future and set specific goals on how to achieve it. On top of that, reclaiming time, overpowering procrastination, handling conflicts, managing emotions and setting a daily and weekly routine will also be discussed.

Another main point of the life and career sessions from London Life Coach is self-awareness. Throughout the sessions, participants will be encouraged to become honest with themselves and avoid justifying their weaknesses or fabricating stories in their minds. By doing so, they can have a more positive outlook in life which they can utilise to improve on their strengths.

By the end of the sessions, participants are expected to become more confident and in control of their lives. They must be able to determine which things to prioritise or not, both personally and professionally. And most importantly, they should also be able to have less difficulty when it comes to making decisions by determining their actual goals in life and becoming more accountable.

Because of these comprehensive sessions, London Life Coach has helped a lot of customers despite their differing needs. Here is what Guy Kerr, community coordinator at Jurassic Coast Trust, has to say about them: “During our sessions he offered very sensible advice and gave me positive, achievable projects to work on between sessions. I felt comfortable discussing many aspects of my life and career with Ian and found that our sessions flowed easily and always ended on a positive and empowering note”.

Furthermore, London Life Coach also offers a free confidential taster course that can help clients decide if these sessions are the right one for them.

If you want to learn more about this provider of life and career coaching, visit their official website at https://londonlifecoach.co.uk/best-life-coach-london/.

About London Life Coach
London Life Coach is a provider of career, life, and executive coaching sessions. It is headed by Ian Hanreck, an Accredited Professional Coach with the UK Association for Coaches. Using his years of experience in the financial, marketing, and media industry, he is able to help his clients start from scratch, realign their goals, and define their strengths. If you are interested in availing sessions from here, you can get in touch with a representative by calling 0208 986 9331. If you have written queries, fill out the online form at https://londonlifecoach.co.uk/contact.

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