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Lockdown Loss: One in five people lost body confidence during lockdown

Press Release: November 27, 2020

Lockdown Loss: Over a Quarter of Brits Lost Body Confidence During Lockdown

Weight gain, unhealthy eating habits, loss of muscle tone and skin issues (from wearing a mask) have led to insecurities for many Brits

  • A quarter of those who lost body confidence believe it has made it harder for them to tackle everyday tasks (25%)
  • 23% say it has stopped them from putting their camera on during video calls
  • One in ten (10%) believe it has impacted their ability to do well at work
  • One in five (21%) say it has stopped them from leaving the house


Over a quarter of Brits (26%) have seen their body confidence fall since lockdown restrictions were put in place, with one in 12 (8%) claiming to have significantly lost confidence in their appearance, a new report from Transform Hospital Group has shown.

Twice as many women than men had lost body confidence during lockdown (34% vs 17%). Millennials (25-34s) were also significantly affected, with a third (34%) reporting a loss of body confidence - more than any other age group.

The research showed that this drop in body confidence has impacted on people’s day-to-day lives, stopping them from:

  1. Buying new clothes (48%)
  2. Posting pictures on social media (33%)
  3. Following their usual self-care routing (29%)
  4. Going out with friends - when permitted (27%)
  5. Tackling everyday tasks (25%)

Over a quarter (25%) claim a drop in body confidence has impacted their ability to complete everyday tasks, while one in five (21%) say it has stopped them from leaving the house (when permitted).

It is also affecting people’s work, with 23% of people now keeping their camera off during work calls, and one in 10 (10%) believing that reduced confidence in their appearance has impacted their ability to do well in work.

The main causes of a loss of body confidence included:

  1. Weight gain (64%)
  2. Putting less effort into appearance (44%)
  3. Not eating as healthy (23%)
  4. Loss of muscle tone/definition (23%)
  5. Having to wear a mask regularly (22%)

More than one in ten (11%) say they had lost confidence due to skin issues caused by wearing a mask regularly, and one in five (20%) believe seeing themselves regularly on video calls has led to them feeling worse about their appearance.

The cities where the most residents reported a drop in body confidence were:

  1. Wrexham (57%)
  2. Middlesbrough (50%)
  3. Southampton (44%) and Gloucester (44%)
  4. Belfast (40%)
  5. Leicester (38%)

With second lockdown already underway in some parts of the UK, Transform Hospital Group also asked what further impact people expected this could have on their confidence levels. Over a third of Brits (36%) say they are concerned about what impact a second lockdown could have on the way they feel about themselves and their appearance.

Jenny Thompson, 27, from Hull, has seen her body confidence fall since the lockdown measures we’re brought in back in March:

“I used to do kickboxing twice a week and had a very active social life. When lockdown started, I stopped doing as much exercise and mainly just stayed in. As I live on my own, I stopped wearing make up and mostly wore my pyjamas all day.

“I started feeling really down about myself. I wouldn’t put my camera on during work calls as my hair was a mess and going out felt like a huge chore, I just didn’t have the energy for.

“Things opening up again and being able to go into the office a few days a week really helped me out. I’m now worried with a second lockdown looming I might end up falling back into bad habits again.”

Fortunately, some people reported that they have actually gained body during lockdown, and put this down to:

  1. Doing more exercise (36%)
  2. Putting more time into self-care (36%)
  3. Eating more healthily (26%)
  4. Putting more effort into appearance than pre-lockdown (25%)
  5. Weight loss (24%)

Student Sabrina Miller, 20, saw her body confidence improve over lockdown thanks to taking up running. She said:

“I found lockdown quite challenging. I’m a student, so being trapped in doors with my parents was quite frustrating. However, I started running which has really improved my confidence. As well as that, during lockdown I shifted my focus away from losing weight in order to be prettier, to eating better and exercising more to become a healthier person. That shift really helped me change the way I see my body.

“I still run 5k about 2/3 times a week and I’m eating better too - this is now a priority for me.”



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*Survey of 1,000 members of the British public in October 2020


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