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Location data startup, dataPlor, raises $4M to expand in Latin America

Press Release: July 28, 2020

Los Angeles, CA -- dataPlor, a leading provider of business location data in growing economies announces its recent funding and expansion in Latin America. 

The company recently closed a $4 million investment round from Space Capital, Quest Venture Partners, and FF Venture Capital to build out a database product and to invest further in technology, hiring key people, and its expansion into more Latin American countries. 

dataPlor understands the value of high-quality business data and built a database in México with + 1.5M data points on brick-and-mortar businesses that are collected via on the ground field team and diversified sources, verified by humans, and continually updated with artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.

With the spread of COVID-19, having accurate, up-to-date data is essential. dataPlor is the only data company in Latin America providing real-time business information to enterprise customers who rely on small business information to power mapping, sales and marketing, and data teams.

dataPlor is expanding into Brazil, Chile, Peru, Argentina, and Colombia in 2020. The company will continue to solve the problem of finding accurate, up-to-date business data in Latin America. In the region, roughly 75% of small businesses have no online presence. For businesses that are online, up to 50% of the data is incorrect or outdated. Many of the world’s largest companies, including UberEats, iFood, and American Express, use dataPlor data to enhance their business operations. Learn more about dataPlor here.


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