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Location Based Networks to Pave the Way for Real-Life Engagement

Press Release: January 26, 2010

The advent of location-based social networks has the potential to significantly alter business social media marketing and engagement strategies according to Reality Digital, the leading provider of web community software for brands and businesses.

Social networks, such as Foursquare, now allow individuals to share their current location with their contact base, as well as what they are doing and which establishment they are in. Users check in to a specified destination, and can be issued awards in the form of points and badges for doing so.

Reality Digital has indicated that location-based applications of a similar fashion may be the future for social media marketing efforts. With social media constantly becoming more functional via mobile hardware such as phones and tablets, brands must look to utilise such technology to the best of its potential.

Through the use of location-based internet technology, brands may soon have the ability to engage people in real life situations, by working out their location and their current context or situation. Robert Proctor, Head of EMEA for Reality Digital, explains:

By using location-based services, brands are now able to take a view on where a consumer is, their current situation, and offer suggestions or solutions to any of their wants or needs. A good example would be if a consumer shares the fact that they are thirsty on a location-based social network. A drinks brand could then pick up on their location, offer a nearby solution of theirs and perhaps offer an incentive in the process.

Reality Digital is the leading provider of social networking platform solutions for brands and businesses, helping them to harness the potential of social networks as part of their overall marketing strategy. Reality Digital Opus offers all of the latest video social network technology, enabling brands to bring a different level of engagement and interaction to their marketing efforts.

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