Press Release: August 01, 2016

Rayman Shakuri
Locate My Next Home

The Last Website You Will Need to Find the Perfect Home in San Diego

San Diego, California: Today, licensed real estate agent Rayman Shakuri is launching his new website LocateYourNextHome for public use. It is designed to be the best website for everything that is related to San Diego’s real estate market. This includes locating homes, selling homes, dealing with foreclosures, and even setting up appointments with licensed agents to help you find the home that you are looking for.

Rayman’s analytical prowess is what gives him the confidence that this website will be a game-changer in San Diego real estate. This is driven by his core philosophy: “My goal is to get your business where it needs to be, make it more efficient, and find any solutions that need to be fixed”. One of the unique features of LocateYourNextHome is the descriptive detail that is provided for each neighborhood. As a successful real estate agent, Rayman Shakuri knows how important location is. There’s no point in buying the best home in the city if you aren’t living in the neighborhood that best suits your lifestyle and needs. Visitors can expect to see a comprehensive overview of important factors such as education, crime rates, nearby amenities, and much more in the way of activities and local entertainment. “When all of these factors are taken into account in combination with the house itself, that’s when you get it right on your first purchase,” says Rayman Shakuri.

Rayman Shakuri has several plans for expanding the website and establishing himself as an authority in this competitive real estate space:
Providing complete descriptions of every single neighborhood within the San Diego County
Optimizing the website’s search function to help people find the homes that they are looking for in the blink of an eye
Establishing a team of reputable agents that can help their clients close the deal
Giving visitors the option to deal with foreclosures on their homes
Finalizing the website’s design to make the user’s browsing experience more enjoyable
Allowing users to have their own unique accounts for using the website.

About Rayman Shakuri: Rayman is a real estate agent who is looking to take his career in an entrepreneurial direction. With 8 years of experience in Internet marketing and 6 years of experience in real estate investments, he has both the experience and the expertise to take anybody’s real estate business to the next level. Having recently launched LocateMyNextHome, Rayman Shakuri’s chief goal is to turn it into the #1 stop for anybody interested in the lucrative real estate market of San Diego.

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