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Local SEO Helps Drive Small Business

Press Release: August 05, 2016

August 3rd, 2016 – Small businesses looking to gain an edge on the competition are likely to find that having an online presence is critical. To gain the most from the effort, however, local SEO may be required to ensure highly qualified traffic lands on a website, enabling growth along the way.

“Local SEO enables companies that serve a specific geographic area the ability to pull in targeted traffic from their own regions,” says sebdigital’s owner. “This type of targeting can be especially important for companies to ensure their website visitors also happen to be likely customers.”

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. This involves setting up a website with content that includes highly targeted keywords and phrases. These words are those potential customers are most likely to type into a search engine to find a business that offers the services or products they need. A web design Sussex firm, for example, might try to rank high for “web design Sussex” by building content that features this phrase prominently. When the phrase is typed into a search engine by a potential customer, ideally, the business would pop up high on the search.

“Local SEO simply helps customers on the local level more readily find businesses in their areas to work with,” says sebdigital’s owner. “For small businesses that serve specific areas, this type of highly targeted traffic can increase clientele whilst also helping boost the bottom line.”

While WordPress web design services can help get a small business online, which is important, local SEO is the piece of the puzzle that drives traffic to the URL. In doing so, SEO can also help boost businesses by enabling those most likely to become customers find just the right small company in their area to work with.

“Working with a web design Sussex firm to get a website online for a small business is the first step in making the internet help boost the bottom line,” says sebdigital’s owner. “The next step involves local SEO to ensure that traffic that visits a site is likely to do business with a company. This highly targeted search mechanism simply works to connect qualified customers with the types of products and services they’re after in the area where they live.”

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