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Local Saviours: Search and share local lock down support

Press Release: April 03, 2020

Three brothers have come up with a website to help local businesses and volunteers post listings for free to help those in lockdown in the UK.  Nick, Jonnie and Stewart, who originally grew up in Norfolk and now live in different parts of the UK came together remotely to setup localsaviours.co.uk  "We came up with the idea after struggling to know what takeaways were open around us and who could we contact to help us get food for our Mum who is in 12 weeks of lockdown" says Nick, the eldest brother.  "We built the website over 5 days in our spare time, and it's been live now for a week" continued Nick.  They have had over 700 visitors so far with a campaign launched on facebook.  Nick stressed however that they are not web designers, but an IT consultant, Graphic Designer and trainee paramedic.  They all have an interest in web development and decided to put this to good use.  "We are not expecting anything in return, we just want to feel useful and provide a tool to help people get through these interesting times".  They don't have any plans to do anything with it following the end of social distancing measures.  "One of our biggest problems right now is that we have had quite a lot of visitors but only 6 listings and so it's not really useful.  Thats a real shame" said Nick.  Many small local businesses are struggling to survive and many are coming up with new ways of helping customers but there is no central point to share what they are doing.  This looks to be a good solution to help both the customer and small businesses during these lockdown times.

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