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Local charity asks for owner of mysterious ashes to answer the question: who is beloved Imogen?

Press Release: April 14, 2010

Emmaus Gloucestershire, http://www.emmausgloucestershire.org.uk, a charity that enables people to move on from homelessness and rebuild their lives, is asking residents to come forward to claim ashes they believe were mistakenly donated.

The charity relies solely on reselling donated furniture, which is refurbished, maintained and then sold by the charitys volunteer team of previously homeless Companions. Emmaus Gloucestershire regularly receives seemingly odd donations such as coffins and other personal items, however recently the charity has received its oddest donation to date.

Amongst a lorry-load of recently donated furniture was a small wooden box with a plaque reading "in loving memory Imogen". The box contains the ashes of an unknown person or animal - yet there is no record of who donated them.

Neil Booker, Business Development Manager at Emmaus Gloucestershire is concerned that the ashes have been donated by mistake and that a Gloucestershire citizen is missing a loved person or animal.

The local charity are calling out to the public of Gloucestershire and asking who is beloved Imogene?

Neil Booker, Business Development Manager at Emmaus Gloucester said:

It is like Gloucestershires very own Rosebud, from Citizen Kane. We often receive items that we believe to be odd, but are always grateful for any contribution; however this particular donation has us all baffled. The remains of Imogen are being safely kept in the office of our store and are not available to be bought.

He continues,

I am concerned that somebody has been cleaning out their home and generously given to our charity, but mistakenly added the ashes of Imogen, whoever, or whatever she may be. We are launching a campaign in hope that the owner of Imogens ashes comes forward. If it was an accidental donation we would love to return them to their rightful owner.

LINK: www.emmaus.org.uk


If you would like any more information, or to arrange an interview or photo with Neil Booker please contact Charlotte Horsfall on 01452 348211 or email charlotte@10yetis.co.uk

Notes to editors
There are currently 19 Emmaus Communities open around the UK and 12 more in the pipeline. Emmaus Communities enable people to move on from homelessness, providing work and accommodation. As well as, food, clothing and a small weekly allowance. Emmaus is a secular movement, spanning 36 countries, each Community aims to become self-supporting, with any surplus donated to others in need.

Notes to editors

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