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Livpure launches premium and luxury mattress for lavish sleep

Press Release: March 15, 2021

Livpure, with its legacy of bringing top quality products directly to the consumers, launches the most luxurious and premium mattress available in today’s market- Regal. It is an eight-inch hybrid mattress with a latex foam layer, a memory foam layer, and a high resilience foam one, with an anti-slip base and cool-touch fabric cover to protect you from heat and protect the mattress from getting too dirty.

You must be thinking, why do we need so many layers and so many complications? You will soon know why! 

Regal mattress for the royalty!

You can get maximum comfort with our state-of-the-art Regal mattress specially made to offer you premium support. With the cool gel foam on the top and a latex and High-density memory foam layer as well, sleep like a baby every night. There are two types of this luxury mattress- basic and advanced. 

Foam type

The basic Regal mattress has 1 inch of cool gel memory foam, 1-inch latex mattress layer, and 6 inches of High resilience foam layer, while the advanced version has been made to elevate the level of comfort with 1.5 inches of cooling gel memory foam mattress layer, 1.5 inch of latex and 5 inches of High resilience foam layer. The Regal Mattress is made just for the Regal sleep you deserve. 

Outer cover

While the basic version of the Regal mattress has a Kooltex fabric outer cover for the protection of the mattress as well as to keep you cool, the advanced version has a Cooltouch fabric cover to one-up the game of good sleep. Experience the peak of pure, deep sleep with ultimate cool-to-touch snooze innovation. Experience the fabrics being 1 degree cooler than anything else- perfect for warm Indian climates. We bet you can’t buy any mattress online cooler than Livpure’s! 

Let’s talk about latex

Regal Mattress has a latex mattress layer for the consumer’s benefit- it is just the right mix of firm and plush. There are many benefits of latex. Some of them are: 

No pain anymore

The gentle cushioning and buoyant support of latex foam mattresses are especially beneficial for sleepers with back and joint pain. Latex foam softly cradles heavy body parts, like the hips and shoulders. This light contouring provides pressure relief near the joints and lowers the back while latex’s natural elasticity maintains natural spinal alignment by gently supporting lighter areas, just like the neck and back. It gives better support than memory foam, and when brought in together like in our mattress, it is just made for the kings! 

Hypoallergenic and Low Maintenance

If a bed is maintained poorly, microorganisms, like bacteria, fungi, and viruses can easily collect on the best of the mattresses and cause mold, mildew, and mud mites. You end up having allergies and creating an unsafe environment for good sleep. However, latex is of course antimicrobial, meaning it repels harmful microorganisms, making latex a superb choice for people with year-round allergies.


Latex mattresses are best known for their long-term comfort. High-quality premium latex mattresses have a mean lifespan of twelve to twenty years- significantly longer than other kinds of mattresses. The resiliency of rubber is commonly credited for this longevity. A latex mattress effortlessly bounces back once the pressure is removed from it, maintaining its original shape over years of use. 

High resilience foam

High resilience could be made of polyurethane that encompasses much higher responsiveness than memory foam, which features a slower response. Thanks to this, those who enjoy more of a bounce in their mattress will gravitate towards this sort of foam.

High resilience foams are much less popular than memory foam mattresses, but they create important layers of the many popular mattresses. Oftentimes the transitional layer or base layer of memory foam mattresses will contain high resilience foam at high densities. This provides a more even feel across the mattress and has less stress than memory foam alone would have, which increases the longevity as well. 

Why Gel Memory Foam?

Cooling gel memory foam is a specifically formulated memory foam that contains gel beads in it designed to help absorb heat and keep the sleeper cool. Additionally, the cellular structure of the memory foam itself is optimized for maximum airflow over the traditional make of memory foam. It is better than others because:

It gives a unique sense of comfort

Gel memory foam remains memory foam, which implies that it's that signature plush feel. A bit like traditional memory foam, gel foam resists motion transfer. If your partner tosses and turns during the night, then you’ll still be ready to sleep soundly without being disturbed. Gel memory foam is simply as comfortable and reliable as regular memory foam.

Better air circulation

What makes gel memory foam different from regular memory foam is how it’s made. During the foam-making process, the memory foam is infused with gel particles or beads. The addition of the gel gives gel memory foam products better airflow, meaning heat will be more effectively drawn faraway from the body. This produces a cooler sleeping surface, which is the most beneficial quality of gel memory foam bedding.

Back pain and pressure relief- the more, the better

If you sleep on your side, you will experience pressure on your hips and shoulders that produces it difficult to sleep deeply or continuously. This may also cause backaches and pains that are difficult to eliminate. Gel memory foam gently responds to your body’s weight and relieves pressure points. By offering unparalleled support, gel memory foam also helps keep your spine properly aligned while you sleep, reducing backaches and pain. This layer, along with the Latex mattress layer, gives support as you have never experienced before. All of those benefits add up to a stronger night’s sleep, cradled within the comfort that gel memory foam provides.

What more Livpure gives you with Regal?

Livpure gives the option to customize the mattress’s sizes according to your preference. Get free and fast delivery right to your doorstep. Unsure about your choice? Get a 100-night free trial with all our mattresses so that you only buy the one that best suits you. 


Welcome to the Mount Everest of Luxury with Livpure’s Regal mattress- it is suitable even for warmer climates and is cooler than any mattress out there with cooling gel and cool-touch fabric outer layer. It is the best mattress you can buy online. It is the best thing you can buy for a peaceful, uninterrupted sleep. 

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