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Press Release: February 07, 2019

Live Video Broadcasting is growing at a fast pace and is found useful for businesses that prefer going global. Some of the most common broadcasting solutions involve transmission through internet and satellite communications. In Live-streaming it is cumbersome to transcode using physical transcodes. To achieve, cost-effective live streaming ecosystem, get in touch with Ooodles Technologies. We help you provide video streaming solutions with high network quality, smooth transcoding, and low latency.

Video streaming is an emerging application service that helps in broadcasting real-time events. It helps in streaming live videos on devices any time, anywhere. Live Streaming helps engage audiences in real time so that it becomes easier to attend events, seminars or meetings even when someone is physically unavailable. Furthermore, a number of leading companies are using Live Video Streaming services to increase their conversion rate and drive more traffic to their website. Even News companies will continue to adopt Live streaming services to engage their audiences and spread awareness. Television companies are also working with the existing Internet giants to make major use of live video.

Reason for you to Choose Our Live Streaming Services

*Robust infrastructure & content delivery network provides high-quality video
*Offer smooth migration across geographies
*Customized Solutions for Catering Business
*Helps you connect with wider audiences easily
*Use varied forms of content and multimedia like live chat, picture, and, text
*Able to analyze relevant metrics like viewers, engagement, and behaviors
*Easy to access live stream video via smartphones
*Possess ad-free viewing hours to curtail the break-in video viewing
*Viewers can opt for monthly subscription model or pay-per-view model

We have Technical Expertise in:
*Programming Language & Frameworks: C++ GO, HTML5/CSS3, Java, JavaScript, (Node.js, React, RxJS, Restify, EmberJS, AngularJS, Backbone JS), Python
*Data Management Skills: Atlas-DB, Cassandra, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL
*Analytic Skills: Google Analytics, Hadoop, Hive, Presto, Spark, and more
*Streaming protocols: Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming, Microsoft Smooth Streaming, RTMP, Apple HTTP Live Streaming.
*Media: FLV, MP4, Brightcove, Contus Vplay, DaCast, Flash Media Server, JW Live, Livestream, Muvi, Ustream, Vimeo PRO, Wowza Media System

Get Started with Us for the Best Live Video Streaming Services

*Industries We Serve:
*Sports Broadcast
*News Broadcast
*Live Interviews
*Smartphone Drone
*Security Cameras
*Chat Applications

Services We Offer
*Privacy and Security
*Multi-Device Streaming
*Unlimited Support

Why Choose Oodles For Our Online Video Streaming Solutions?

Oodles Technologies is one of the leading Live Video Streaming service providers in India. Our team of dedicated professionals offers a great deal of experience in Live video streaming. Trust Oodles Technologies with Live streaming platforms like Kaltura, Wowza and more. Our developers possess the best knowledge in building top-notch video streaming applications for web and mobile platforms and have served numerous clients across the globe. We believe in creating, learning and innovating without any boundaries and constantly seek new ways to increase our brand value and efficiency. We expertise in private streaming for conferences, corporate events, music concerts, product launch, surgeries and educational events in schools, colleges or universities. Contact us


Maneesh Madan
Software Architect
Email - info@oodlestechnologies.com

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