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Live stream magazine whats live? now with video integration

Press Release: December 22, 2015

The live stream magazine “whats live?”, will with immediate effect be offering integrated videos on its website. Beginning early 2016, the site will further be made available for use by advertisers.

Live streams by Premium clients can with immediate effect, be integrated directly into www.whatislive.com. Up until recently, all streams were redirected to the events’ pages. Now, users can enjoy their streaming without having to leave the comforts of whatslive?’s pages.

“Consultations with our American partners brought to light a shared desire, to embed live stream players directly onto whats live?. This we hope, will generate direct access and availability of the streams, for our users.” said Marcel Raab, Project Manager at whats live?.

In this way, concerts, sporting events, eSport events and many other productions, will not only be publicized on whats live?, but will also be readily available for viewing via embedded codes. Providers will as a result, be able to track the popularity and viewer counts, of their shows.

whats live? is additionally opening up to use by advertisers. “As of early 2016, adverts will be integrated into our events’ pages. Great emphasis will be laid on video and native ads, banners generally being left out. Six months after launching our website, we at whats live? can confidently say that we definitely are, of great interest to advertisers. Not only can we identify specific target groups for products, but we have the added advantage of reaching across national and international divide, connecting with the relevant age groups.” continued Marcel Raab.

We are currently holding talks and negotiating with various marketers, who collectively boast of numerous international advertising clients in their Portfolios. In January 2016, we should be able to announce our chosen partner marketers.

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