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Little Known Ways to Save Doctor Fees on Your Chronic Pain

Press Release: August 24, 2017

If you are spending too much money on doctors and physiotherapist to get relief from your chronic pain then this article can interest you as this can save your money and time. Chronic pain occurs due to stiffness or soreness in the muscles. Mostly people get pain in the joints and other areas like keen, elbow, arm, shoulder, wrist or back. A hectic work schedule, exercise or the age are the main factor behind the chronic pain.

How to get relief

A gentle massage can help in softening the muscles and provide a great relief from chronic pain. But usually you have to visit to a doctor or physiotherapist for the massage or get medicine and that can be very costly as you will not get relief in one or two doctor visit. For the permanent treatment you need regular massage from right massager.

We like to introduce a wonderful electronic pulse massager from Santa medical. This is a great product works on the latest technology for the massage. You can permanently rid of from the chronic pain if you use this massager daily on your pain area.

How electronic Pulse massager works

Tens therapy is one of the best techniques for electronic massage. This electrotherapy helps in relaxing the muscle, reduce the stress and soften the muscles. There are electronic pads which can easily get pasted on the pain area. A mild current of around 6V is passes through these electronic pads which creates a high frequency simulation to relief pain.

Key features of electronic pulse massager

Santamedical electronic pulse massager has 6 different mode of intensity. Correct mode is adjusted as per the intensity of the pain. This massager is perfect for complete body. You can easily increase or decrease the intensity of the vibration from the button. It has a LCD screen to see the running mode.

How to massage

Electronic pads are used for the massage, two or four pads can be used at a time. Machine has different programmes from different sorts of pain. Select the correct mode and start using this wonderful Tens Unit.

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