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Listen to Nudge and learn about the science behind marketing

Press Release: July 06, 2020

Nudge isn't your average business podcast. 

Host, Phill Agnew, shares eye-opening studies on consumer psychology by interviewing experts in the field, and condensing their knowledge down into 20-minute shows.  

Unlike other podcasts, Nudge is jam-packed with insights. It's a podcast espresso, crammed with tips and life hacks, useful to everyone, from marketers to mothers.

The show regularly receives 5-star reviews from a broad range of listeners, while experts like Bruce Daisley, Richard Shotton, and Phil Barden have all appeared on the show. 

In the latest episode, "The Psychology of Pricing", Phill and pricing expert Leigh Caldwell, explain the science behind pricing strategies that work, covering anchors, charm pricing, and even product positioning. 

Some of the show's most popular episodes include "The Science Behind Great Adverts" where Phill analyzes the most successful ad of 2019, and "How to Improve Your Productivity" an episode packed with tips improve how you work.

Nudge podcast is a must-listen-to show for people interested in marketing, sales, entrepreneurship, or anyone who wants to understand how the brain works. 

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