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Press Release: February 26, 2010

Public Relations Agency Punch Communications has highlighted the advantages of using the LinkedIn plug-in for Outlook email client, indicating that the tool has had a direct impact on the new business and recruitments elements of the agency.

As well as allowing Punch to achieve greater value from the social network, LinkedIn for Outlook has also provided several new business opportunities, and assisted in the sourcing of numerous candidates for the role of Account Director currently available at the PR agency. Punch has indicated that by using the LinkedIn tool, users will soon find that their contact numbers on the network will increase dramatically, as they are now able to spot exactly who has a profile on LinkedIn as soon as emails hit their inbox.

Philip Keightley, Account Director at Punch Communications commented:  "With LinkedIns ability to connect millions of professionals across all sizes and types of corporation, we are of the opinion that more businesses should adopt the LinkedIn application for their Outlook email client. LinkedIn has even produced a video demonstration on how to upload the application into Outlook, making it even simpler. Rather than having to visit the LinkedIn site, I can keep track of messages and build a network all on the LinkedIn Dashboard whenever I am online."

Social networking sites such as LinkedIn are hugely beneficial to businessmen and women the world over, allowing them to engage with and develop multiple professional contacts, as well as fellow colleagues and friends. LinkedIn is also incredibly useful for businesses who are hiring new recruits, enabling employers to reach out to a large number of candidates and post specific details regarding a job or position with minimal effort.

Punch, co-founded in 2003 by Pete and Emma Goold, boasts a unique team of go getting PR consultants who have consulting experience in a number of areas, from automotive to technology PR, and has a client base which spreads all over the globe.

As well as offering traditional PR, Punch also provides consultation for developing digital subsets of PR such as social media and search engine optimisation.

For more information regarding Punch Communications, please call 01858 411600 or visit punchcomms.com.

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