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Lime tree extends to catering supplies as a part of their facilities management

Press Release: May 09, 2017

Lime tree Marketing, area well-respected stationary distributers around UK, they are known to be customer friendly and they frequently introduce their customers with new offers on their products. Lime Tree Marketing have recently extended to providing catering supplies.
The brand understands thathow beneficial it is to allow the staff an easy access to refreshments during the working hours, therefore they seek this as an opportunity to serve. They also bring the broadest range of office products, provided with multiple option.
The brand is an alley for offices, when it comes to helping them maintain health and hygiene. They do so by providing kitchen appliances, beverages, food, catering sundries, drink dispensers, etc.
Lime Tree Marketing looks forward to catering the needs of customers and they have therefore provided a variety of snacks and beverage refreshments. Working constantly without a break has chances of being dull and exerting more than necessary pressure on body.
Tea and coffee works wonders for tired eyes which are lingering on the computer screens for a stretch of long duration. They help stock different brands of tea and coffee to suit their customers liking. The brand is delighted to serve with refreshments, which help to boost the energy.
The brand also has lined up delicious snacks like Mcvities digestive biscuits, nibbles, Gluten free oatcakes, Pringles, Skittles, Haribo Tangfastics, and much more. These sweet treats will definitely keep the work environment highly motivated, boasts the brand.
Lime tree marketing is not limiting themselves to edible options, but are also proudly offering a range of kitchen utensils such as water filters, coffee machines, toasters, and stainless steel insulated kettle jugs. The brand also believe in maintaining a high standard of hygiene and thus they supply following products such as disposable plates, towels and pure spring water which are packed in recyclable bottles.
As a matter of fact, this brand is committed to working with suppliers in order to reduce the impact the products have on the environment. They make sure that all of their products are packaged within boxes, which are 100% recyclable. Keeping catering products as a part of facilities management section on their online store is a brilliant idea, which makes it extremely convenient for people to shop all their essential requirements.

About Lime Tree Marketing:
Lime tree marketing from UK, brings the latest of office supplies at anaffordable price range and excellent next day delivery service.
They believe in offering but the best prices of their stationary and furniture. Their products include books and pads, business machines, computer accessories, desktop filing, writing accessories and facilities management.
The online site is tailored to fit the needs, and make the most of it. For convenience they have also listed the brands stocked which are stocked by them.

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