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Lil Kemzy Walworth Road Hottest Underground Prospect – Rising Star 2020

Press Release: April 21, 2020

Lil Kemzy is a rising rap star of Walworth Road, London. He is growing very fast on YouTube. Not only this, but Lil Kemzy also has a huge fan base in his local area. People from Walworth road used to call him “Lil Kemzy Walworth Road Hottest Underground Prospect”. Kemzy has worked with some well-recognized names within the music industry. He collaborated with renowned artists such as SN1 Pablo and Fix Dot’m from the OTB camp.

His Song released in 2019 like ‘Can’t We Be Friends’ ft. Rich Melodies, and 'Ghetto testimony' ft. Aqwa gaining crosses over 30k views on YouTube. In 2020 his songs like ‘Back Then’ ft. Burnz and ‘let's ridecrosses over 50K views on YouTube.

Why do People call Lil Kemzy Walworth Road Hottest Underground Prospect?

  • Lil Kemzy worked as a song rapper with well-recognized artists like SN1 Pablo, Fix Dot’m from the OTB camp.
  • His Most songs are featured on popular radio stations such as Leicester community radio, Love the beat radio, Unity Xtra, Choice radio, 2Hiradiouk, Female take over.
  • Kemzy has achieved over 200k+ views in very limited time
  • Lil Kemzy YouTube achievement is admirable. His most songs videos cross 40K+ views, while some of them have crossed over 100K views within minimum time.


Not only this, Kemzy being invited for interviews on Love the beat radio, Unity Xtra and Female take over (FTO). FTO considers Lil Kemzy as a rising superstar and wants to cover his all-time stories on their platforms.


Kemzy ended 2019 with stunning live performances at the RBE showcase, where he performed songs like Mums Word and his debut Return Single King. Kemzy has also been featured on a French News Channel in an interview.


How Lil Kemzy started his career as Song Rapper (ARTIST)

Lil Kemzy raised in Walworth Road. Kemzy grew up on the Notiours Brandon Estate. While growing up he was surrounded by many older boys like him.
There was a particular music group called Wanted Records which Kemzy came into contact with. His many childhood friends were associated with this music group. Just because his close friends were interested in singing, he also developed an interest in singing however, he decided not to act in it at that time.

As he got older he saw more and more local boys from his area engage with rapping. Some representing groups such as OTB, SI, and PYG. Later he also changed his mind and become more serious about music and raping.

While he was in secondary school he got a breakthrough. He met a guy who liked his voice and introduced him to a studio owner. He got the invitation for a trial. This was the first time when Lil Kemzy has officially introduced as a rap singer. On that day he performed his first track ever “Hometown”. This song was based on the deaths of his close friends due to some local community issues. The performance was amazing and loved by almost everyone out there. People started calling him Walworth Road Hottest Underground Prospect. He tried to gear up the tempo but eventually, he gave it up.

Time passed and Kemzy’s two more close friends died. He decided to raise his voice against it. As music was the only medium he can reach up to millions of people he decided to go for it with more passion and commitment. Lil Kemzy re-emerged and release a passionate tune entitled ’King’ which showcased his Lyricism, Unquiet flow and Ear for beats.


It later followed in 2019 with Lil Kemzy mixtape '2nd Coming’. His music began to take form and get the attention that he deserved for a long time.

Now he is a celebrity, being featured in many interviews, shows and news channels. People call him Lil Kemzy Walworth Road Hottest Underground Prospect and with politeness, he responds to it. And his journey is continued to become bigger and bigger every coming year.



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