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Lights, camera, London Marathon action for actor Kevin

Press Release: February 11, 2010

Leading charity Deafness Research UK will have several runners raising funds for them in this years London Marathon. Among them and not just looking to run a good race round the capital, but also hoping to raise some capital too will be Kevin Balfour. A support officer and an actor, London based Kevin will not have too far to travel to the start line and having run the London Marathon last year for Deafness Research UK in just over four hours, he is now looking to beat last years time and fundraising target in one!

I did the London Marathon last year for Deafness Research UK and it went very well, said Kevin, It also felt good to be raising money for charity at the same time. It was a very rewarding thing to do. There are a lot of selfish people on this planet who just take, take, take, so it felt like the right thing to give a little for a change. It was a natural move to do what I could again this year.

Kevin raised just under £3,000 in 2009 and despite the recession tightening peoples purse strings, he is still hoping to raise a similar target again. Kevin himself is hard of hearing, caused by being part strangled at birth by his own umbilical cord and like so many other supporters of Deafness Research UK, he is passionate about deafness research and how essential new funds are to support vital research.

Deafness Research UK is such an amazing charity, continued Kevin,among other things it is supporting the stem cell scientific research programme at Sheffield University. Like many other people, I keep up with the latest developments and this research could be the next best thing to cure or restore hearing.

Anyone wanting to support Kevin can do so via Facebook, where you can find adverts on his Facebook wall or alternatively visit http://www.justgiving.com/kevin-balfour. Just Giving is the easiest way to fundraise and donate to charity online, and was set up to enable any charity to use the web to raise money at very low cost. Because of this, the maximum amount of money goes to good causes like Deafness Research UK.

Sue Bowcock, Community and Events Officer for Deafness Research UK, said: Kevin is right that any funds raised by the people running for Deafness Research UK in this years London Marathon will make a real difference to our ability to conduct further life changing research for children and adults across the UK.

Marathons are an important fundraiser for Deafness Research UK continued Sue, and the organisers always offer fantastic support to small charities like ours and the people who run for us.

For further information, contact Sue Bowcock on 0207 679 8965 or e-mail her at sue.bowcock@deafnessresearch.org.uk

Notes to editors
About Deafness Research UK
Deafness Research UK is the countrys only charity dedicated to finding new cures, treatments and technologies for deaf, hard of hearing and other hearing impaired people.
The charity supports high quality medical research into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of all forms of hearing impairment including tinnitus.
The Deafness Research UK Information Service provides free information and advice based on the latest scientific evidence and informed by leading experts. The Information Service can be contacted on Freephone 0808 808 2222
For more information on research into deafness, tinnitus and other hearing conditions, log on to the website at www.deafnessresearch.org.uk where you can access a wide range of information. Alternatively you can e-mail Deafness Research UK at info@deafnessresearch.org.uk
One in seven people in the UK almost nine million people - suffer hearing loss.
Deafness Research UK was founded in 1985 by Lord (Jack) and Lady Ashley of Stoke.

In January 2008, Action for Tinnitus Research (ATR) was linked with Deafness Research UK under a uniting direction order under section 96(6) of the Charities Act 1993.

Scientific & medical advances
Since its creation in 1985, Deafness Research UK has awarded over £10 million in research grants to secure radical improvements in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of all forms of hearing impairment.
The advances we have been responsible for include:
the development of the Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE) test to enable doctors to identify hearing impaired babies at birth.
research into more effective cochlear implant devices and services, including assessment, fitting and rehabilitation procedures for children.
improvements in signal processing for digital hearing aids in order to help improve speech discrimination and understanding, particularly in noisy environments
the isolation of genes responsible for many forms of inherited deafness including the most important breakthrough that mutations in the Connexin-26 gene cause a significant proportion of congenital and childhood deafness
research into preventing or repairing inner ear damage, including funding researchers who were the first to report that hair cells in the mammalian balance system can regenerate
the discovery that an overproduction of the neurotransmitter glutamate can be linked to tinnitus, a finding which could lead to new drug treatments for the condition.

Further Deafness Research UK achievements can be found at http://www.deafnessresearch.org.uk and following the achievements button. A direct link follows here:

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